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<?php echo html_entity_decode'WHEREAS</b> the customer checking the PAD agreement “check box” (also referred to as the “Customer”) and Hustler Turf Equipment, Inc. (the “Payee”) have an agreement governing the acceptance of Pre-Authorized Debit (PAD). <br/> <br/> <b>AND WHEREAS</b> the Customer hereby agrees to grant the Payee the right to debit the Customer’s bank account for the purpose of allowing the Payee to pay the amounts owing by the Customer pursuant to the Service Contract Acceptance Agreement between the Customer and the Payee; <br/> <br/> <b>NOW, THEREFORE</b>, the Customer hereby authorizes and agrees as follows: <br/> <br/> 1. Scope<br/> The Customer acknowledges that this Authorization is provided for the benefit of the Payee and the Customer’s financial institution or institutions or otherwise advised to the Payee in writing by the Customer from time to time (collectively, the “Financial Institution”) and is provided in consideration of the Payee entering into the Service Contract Acceptance Agreement and the Financial Institution agreeing to process debits against the Customer’s account or accounts (collectively, the “Account”) in accordance with the Rules of the Canadian Payments Association (the “Rules”) <br/> <br/> 2. Valid Signing Authority<br/> By checking the agreement “check box” and providing the Customer’s financial institution information and account information to charge its account on the PAD screen, the Customer concurs to the terms of this Authorization and guarantee that all persons whose names and approval are required to sign on the Account will be listed by the Customer on the PAD screen. Agreement confirmations will be sent via email after a payor has signed up for PAD service and within 3 to 15 business days. <br/> <br/> 3. Authority to Debit Account<br/> The Customer hereby authorizes the Payee to draw on the Account for the purpose of paying the Payee amounts owing to it pursuant to the Service Contract Acceptance Agreement and any Administrative Charge (each a “pre-authorized debit” or PAD). An administrative charge is applicable against the Customer’s account for returned or declined payments due to insufficient funds. The Customer agrees that any direction it may provide to draw a direct debit and any direct debit drawn in accordance with this Authorization shall be binding on the Customer. <br/> 4. Amounts and Timing of PADs <br/> The Customer authorizes the Payee to make a PAD from the Account immediately following the issuance of an invoice by or on behalf of the Payee to the Customer in respect of any contracted service under the Service Contract Acceptance Agreement. An invoice will be issued upon the completion of the contracted service. The invoice amount WILL BE VARIABLE depending on the type of service being fulfilled. SUCH INVOICE SHALL BE THE CUSTOMER’S SOLE ADVANCE NOTIFICATION OF ANY PAD ON THE ACCOUNT. EACH OF THE CUSTOMER AND THE PAYEE EXPRESSLY WAIVES ANY PRE-NOTIFICATION PERIOD THAT MAY BE PROVIDED IN THE RULES. <br/> 5. Cancellation of Arrangement<br/> The Customer may cancel this Authorization at any time online through the Payee’s eBill application and such cancellation shall be effective no later than 5 business days following the initiation of the cancellation procedure on eBill. This Authorization applies only to the method of payment and the Customer agrees that revocation of this Authorization will not terminate or otherwise have any bearing on any contract that exists between the Payee and the Customer or the Customer’s obligation to pay the Payee for its invoices. The Customer may obtain a sample cancellation form, or further information on its right to revoke this Authorization, at the Financial Institution or by visiting www.cdnpay.ca. The Payee may debit the Account up until the time when the revocation has been received and implemented. <br/> 6. Acceptance of Delivery of Authorization<br/> The Customer acknowledges that provision and delivery of this Authorization to the Payee constitutes delivery by the Customer to the Financial Institution. The Customer agrees that the Payee may deliver this Authorization to the Payee’s financial institution and the Financial Institution. The Customer agrees to the disclosure of any information that may be contained in this Authorization (or provided by the Customer in connection with this Authorization) to the Payee’s financial institution and the Financial Institution. <br/> 7. PAD Type<br/> This Authorization is for business purposes. This Authorization provides for variable amount PADs occurring at Set Intervals (as defined in the Rules). There is no maximum amount for any PAD. <br/> <br/> 8. PAD notification <br/> The Customer hereby waives any requirement for advance notification by the Payee of any debit to the Account. An email notification will be sent to the email address provided by the Customer within hours for processed PAD transactions to pay invoices. <br/> <br/> 9. Validation by Processing Institution<br/> The Customer acknowledges that the Financial Institution is not required to verify that a PAD has been issued in accordance with the particulars of this Authorization including, but not limited to, the amount. The Customer acknowledges that the Financial Institution is not required to verify that any purpose of payment for which the PAD was issued has been fulfilled by the Payee as a condition to honouring a PAD issued or caused to be issued by the Payee on the Account. <br/> <br/> 10. Contract for Goods or Services<br/> Revocation of this Authorization does not terminate the Service Contract Acceptance Agreement between the Customer and the Payee. Authorization applies only to the method of payment and does not otherwise have any bearing on the Service Contract Acceptance Agreement. <br/> <br/> 11. Your Rights of Dispute<br/> The Customer may revoke its authorization at any time in writing or by phone subject to providing 25 days notice. The Customer has certain recourse rights if any debit does not comply with this Authorization. For example, the Customer has the right to receive reimbursement for any debit that is not authorized or is not consistent with this Authorization. To obtain more information on the recourse rights, the Customer may contact the Financial Institution or visit www.cdnpay.ca. <br/> <br/> 12. The Customer’s Acceptance<br/> The Customer understands and accepts the terms hereof and acknowledges and agrees to participate in the PAD plan with the Payee as set our herein. <br/> <br/> 13. Disclosure of Information Consent<br/> The Customer consents to the disclosure of any personal information that may be contained on this Authorization to the Financial Institution and the financial institution at which the Payee maintains its account to be credited with the PADs as far as any such disclosure of personal information is directly related to and necessary for the proper application of the Rules. <br/> <br/> 14. Accuracy of information<br/> The Customer certifies that all information provided with respect to the Account is accurate. The Customer agrees to keep all Account information up to date at all times on the Payee’s eBill application. Any modification to Account information submitted on the Payee’s eBill application will be processed on a regular basis. If there is any change, this Authorization shall continue in respect of any new account to be used for direct debits. <br/> 15. Confirmation of Signing Authority<br/> The Customer guarantees that all persons whose signatures are required to sign on the Account have authorized this Authorization. <br/> 16. Protection of Passwords<br/> The Customer acknowledges that the Payee’s eBill Electronic Payment Services will be accessible through a password chosen by the Customer. The Customer agrees not to give or make available our password to any unauthorized individuals. If the Customer believes that its password has been lost or stolen or that someone may attempt to use our password without its consent or has authorized payments without its permission, the Customer must change the password or notify the Payee at once. <br/> 17. Compliance with Rules<br/> The Customer agrees to comply with the Rules or any other rules or regulations that may affect the PADs, as may be introduced in the future or are currently in effect. The Customer agrees to execute any further documentation that may be prescribed from time to time by the Rules pertaining to the PADs. <br/> 18. Disclaimer of Warranty <br/> Except as specified in this Authorization, the Payee is providing the access to the eBill website to view account history and to pay open invoices “as is ” without any warranty of any kind, expressed or implied, including, without limitation, the implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, non infringement and title. The Payee does not warrant that the service is error-free, or that access to and use of the service will be uninterrupted or error-free. <br/> <br/> 19. Limitation of Liability In no event shall The Payee or its licensors or suppliers be liable for any damages whatsoever (including, without limitation, direct, indirect, special or consequential damages) arising out of the delivery, performance, or use of the eBill website, whether incurred by you or any third party, even if The Payee or its licensors or suppliers have been advised or may otherwise know of the possibility of such damages unless these damages arise out of The Payee negligence or willful misconduct. If any liability is imposed on The Payee, its licensors or suppliers, The Payee and its licensors or suppliers’ total liability to you or any third party shall not exceed the amount you paid for the service. Some jurisdictions prohibit exclusion or limitation of liability for implied warranties or consequential or incidental damages, so the above limitation may not apply to us. We may also have other legal rights that vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. <br/> <br/> 20. eBill Access<br/> With this Authorization, the Customer will, in relation to the Customer’s eBill Electronic Payment Plan, become the authorized recipient of: (a) all documents and correspondence assigning, confirming or otherwise containing user identification codes, and other security devices; and (b) all other notices, documents and correspondence from the Payee concerning eBill. In addition, the Customer will have the ability to: (a) view eBill activities performed by the individual(s) within the Customer’s organization who have access to eBill and the accounts accessed by them; and (b) grant or revoke access to approve and/or authorize payment of invoices for authorized individual(s). <br/> <br/> 21. Contact Information<br/> For inquiries, concerns about the invoices, statements, to obtain information or to seek recourse with respect to any PAD issued by the Payee, the Customer may contact the Payee at Hustler Turf Equipment, Inc. 181 Bay Street Suite 4400 Toronto, On M5J 2T3 , via e-mail at billtrustmt@excelii.com or by calling customer support at 1-620-327-1305. All transaction records will be kept online for at least one year after the last PAD transaction. <br/>',ENT_QUOTES);
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Output for 5.4.0 - 5.4.32
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Output for 4.4.2 - 4.4.9, 5.1.0 - 5.3.29
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