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Are you one of the developers that submit over 20,000 scripts per week to 3v4l.org? You can become a private sponsor; for € 25 I will add your name and Twitter handle / GitHub profile to the list of sponsors for a year.

If you use this site professionally you can also become a premium sponsor; for € 250 I will list your company URL for a year. Contact me if you'd like to receive a receipt for your accountant.

This site is visited by ~75 thousand unique IP addresses monthly, generating ~8 million hits. It would be awesome if we can get 2 premium or 20 sponsors each year since that would mean I no longer have to pay for the servers myself.

By becoming a sponsor you are helping me pay for the servers and build features for this site. I might also spend some of the money on some whisky or cigars ;)

Did I convince you? While I prefer crypto-currency for its cheap and reliable processing I also accept Paypal and IBAN (contact me). Send me an email at root@3v4l.org after sending to have a URL added to your name!

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