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<?php error_reporting(E_ALL); abstract class Base { protected function doSomething() { echo 'here we go' . PHP_EOL; $something = 'aaaaaa'; return $something; } } class Vendor extends Base { protected function doSomething() { // do something.. // call parent (Base::doSomething()) $something = parent::doSomething(); $something .= "bbbbbbbbbbb"; return $something; // do something more } } class Local extends Vendor { protected function doSomething() { // do something.. $grandparent = get_parent_class(get_parent_class($this)); $something = $grandparent::doSomething(); $something .= "cccccccccccc"; return $something; // do something more // do something venture-specific // intention: call grand-parent (Base::doSomething()) parent::doSomething(); // this will call Vendor::doSomething() :( // this would work, without raising a strict error (see https://bugs.php.net/bug.php?id=42016 - not a bug!) Base::doSomething(); // a little more generic, but you need to know about inheritance level: $grandparent = get_parent_class(get_parent_class($this)); $grandparent::doSomething(); // do something more } public function api() { $something = $this->doSomething(); echo $something; } } $local = new Local; $local->api();

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Output for Typed properties v2
here we go aaaaaacccccccccccc

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