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<?php class StaticA { public function setEmail($redirect) { $this->email = $redirect; } protected function returnthis(){ return $this; } public function dosomething(){ echo "Unrspr├╝ngliche Methode"; $obj = parent::returnthis(); echo $obj->email; } public function classInfo(){ echo get_class(new static). "\n"; echo $this->email. "\n"; } } class StaticB extends StaticA { public function test(){ //echo get_class(new self). "\n"; parent::classInfo(); } public function doit(){ $this->dosomething(); //echo $this->email. "\n"; } protected function dosomething(){ $obj = parent::returnthis(); echo "Neue Methode!"; echo $obj->email; } } $object = new StaticB(); $object->setEmail("erno@01art.de"); $object->doit();
Output for 5.3.0 - 5.4.27
Fatal error: Access level to StaticB::dosomething() must be public (as in class StaticA) in /in/hIv7Y on line 44
Process exited with code 255.