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<?php $p =<<<EOT That interviews should involve simple code is now common wisdom in programming circles. The story is that a high percentage of programmers, even people with impressive resumes, “just can’t code.” Asked to do the simplest things—problems a good coders could solve as fast they could write—some spend ten or twenty minutes before they get an answer, or fail entirely. (See discussion by Jeff Attwood and Joel Spolsky.) I don’t go as far as others here. I think a lot of “slow coders” are probably excellent employees, making up for it in other areas. Some projects don’t need speed. Some people just need to spend more time programming; everyone was a slow programmer some time. But I know from experience that slow coders don’t work at LibraryThing. They don’t fit the LibraryThing development culture. EOT; $pattern = '[\w\d]+'; $words = array(); preg_match_all('/'.$pattern.'/', $p, $words); $words = $words[0]; $result = array(); foreach ($words as $word) { $len = mb_strlen($word); if (isset($result[$len])) { $result[$len]++; } else { $result[$len] = 1; } }
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