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<?php //the original array $a = array( 'a23' => 'abcdefg hij' ); //make it serial $s = serialize($a); //just to see the serial string var_dump($s); //the serialized array $s1 = 'a:1:{s:3:"a23";s:11:"abcdefg hij";}'; //the same with linux line end character $s2 = "a:1:{s:3:\"a23\";s:11:\"abcdefg\12hij\";}"; //the same with windows line end character, same I had in my PEAR files $s3 = "a:1:{s:3:\"a23\";s:11:\"abcdefg\15\12hij\";}"; //turn it back to an array $a1 = unserialize($s1); // ok $a2 = unserialize($s2); // ok $a3 = unserialize($s3); // not ok
Output for git.master
string(35) "a:1:{s:3:"a23";s:11:"abcdefg hij";}" Notice: unserialize(): Error at offset 32 of 36 bytes in /in/X0pFQ on line 22

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