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<?php class Test { private $secret = 'Nyy lbhe Onfr ner orybat gb hf.'; private $callback; final public function run() { call_user_func($this->callback); return $this->secret . PHP_EOL; } public function __set($k, $v) { print_r($v);exit; $key = $v[($v[$v])]; // $v is some kind of weird array $value = $v(); // and a callback! $this->{$key} = $value; } } $test = new Test; // start editing here // key needs to = 'callback', with a $v being a function which changes secret // the value $v[($v[$v])] needs to equal callback // v must be an array with a $vee = array('1'); $vee = array('callback', '13'); // end editing here echo $test->run();

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