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<?php function f_test(&$obj) { $obj->prop++; echo "prop=".$obj->prop." <br>\r\n"; } class clsTest { public $prop = 0; public $arg_array = false; function meth() { if ($this->arg_array===false) $this->arg_array = array(&$this); echo 'arg_array[0] '.(($this->arg_array[0]===$this) ? ' is the same instance' : ' is not the same instance').' than $this'." <br>\r\n"; call_user_func_array('f_test', $this->arg_array); } } $oTest = new clsTest; $oTest->meth(); // OK $oTest->meth(); // ERR ?>
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arg_array[0] is the same instance than $this <br> prop=1 <br> arg_array[0] is the same instance than $this <br> prop=2 <br>

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