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<?php $some_string = "Ку Ку"; $arra_c = array("UCS-4", "UCS-4BE", "UCS-4LE", "UCS-2", "UCS-2BE", "UCS-2LE", "UTF-32", "UTF-32BE", "UTF-32LE", "UTF-16", "UTF-16BE", "UTF-16LE", "UTF-7", "UTF7-IMAP", "UTF-8", "ASCII", "EUC-JP", "SJIS", "eucJP-win", "SJIS-win", "ISO-2022-JP", "ISO-2022-JP-MS", "CP932", "CP51932", "SJIS-mac", "SJIS-Mobile#DOCOMO", "SJIS-Mobile#KDDI", "SJIS-Mobile#SOFTBANK", "UTF-8-Mobile#DOCOMO", "UTF-8-Mobile#KDDI-A", "UTF-8-Mobile#KDDI-B", "UTF-8-Mobile#SOFTBANK", "ISO-2022-JP-MOBILE#KDDI", "JIS", "JIS-ms", "CP50220", "CP50220raw", "CP50221", "CP50222", "ISO-8859-1", "ISO-8859-2", "ISO-8859-3", "ISO-8859-4", "ISO-8859-5", "ISO-8859-6", "ISO-8859-7", "ISO-8859-8", "ISO-8859-9", "ISO-8859-10", "ISO-8859-13", "ISO-8859-14", "ISO-8859-15", "byte2be", "byte2le", "byte4be", "byte4le", "BASE64", "HTML-ENTITIES", "7bit", "8bit", "EUC-CN", "CP936", "GB18030", "HZ", "EUC-TW", "CP950", "BIG-5", "EUC-KR", "UHC",// (CP949) "ISO-2022-KR", "Windows-1251",// (CP1251) "Windows-1252",// (CP1252) "CP866",// (IBM866) "KOI8-R"); //foreach($arra_c as $k => $v){ var_dump(mb_strimwidth($some_string,0,40,'...')); //var_dump(json_encode(array('message' => str_replace(array('\u041a','\u0443'), array('',''), $some_string)))); //} //var_dump(mb_detect_encoding($some_string)); //var_dump(strlen(json_encode(array('message' => $some_string))));
Output for 4.3.0 - 5.0.5, 5.1.1 - 5.6.28, hhvm-3.10.0 - 3.12.0, 7.0.0 - 7.1.0
string(9) "Ку Ку"
Output for 5.1.0
Fatal error: fatal flex scanner internal error--end of buffer missed in /in/L5CUs on line 89
Process exited with code 255.