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<?php $ceu = array( "Italy"=>"Rome", "Luxembourg"=>"Luxembourg", "Belgium"=> "Brussels", "Denmark"=>"Copenhagen", "Finland"=>"Helsinki", "France" => "Paris", "Slovakia"=>"Bratislava", "Slovenia"=>"Ljubljana", "Germany" => "Berlin", "Greece" => "Athens", "Ireland"=>"Dublin", "Netherlands"=>"Amsterdam", "Portugal"=>"Lisbon", "Spain"=>"Madrid", "Sweden"=>"Stockholm", "United Kingdom"=>"London", "Cyprus"=>"Nicosia", "Lithuania"=>"Vilnius", "Czech Republic"=>"Prague", "Estonia"=>"Tallin", "Hungary"=>"Budapest", "Latvia"=>"Riga", "Malta"=>"Valetta", "Austria" => "Vienna", "Poland"=>"Warsaw"); asort($ceu); foreach ($ceu as $country=>$capital) { echo "The capital of $country is $capital <br />"; } ?>
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