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<?php // words inside string with umlaute, later add http://zahnstocher47.de instead of "zahnstocher" as the correct solution $string = "apfelsaft siebenundvierzig zahnstocher gelb ethereum österreich"; // get length of string $l = mb_strlen($string); $chars = mb_str_split($string); $f = ''; // loop through length and output each letter by itself for ($i = 0; $i <= $l; $i++){ // umlaute buggy when there is a concatenation $f .= $chars[$i] . " "; } var_dump($f);
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Warning: Undefined array key 63 in /in/JIQoE on line 14 string(128) "a p f e l s a f t s i e b e n u n d v i e r z i g z a h n s t o c h e r g e l b e t h e r e u m ö s t e r r e i c h "

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