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--TEST-- class name as scalar from ::class keyword --FILE-- <?php namespace Foo\Bar { class One { // compile time constants const A = self::class; const B = Two::class; } class Two extends One { public static function run() { var_dump(self::class); // self compile time lookup var_dump(static::class); // runtime lookup var_dump(parent::class); // runtime lookup var_dump(Baz::class); // default compile time lookup } } class Three extends Two { // compile time static lookups public static function checkCompileTime( $one = self::class, $two = Baz::class, $three = One::A, $four = self::B ) { var_dump($one, $two, $three, $four); } } echo "In NS\n"; var_dump(Moo::CLASS); // resolve in namespace } namespace { use Bee\Bop as Moo, Foo\Bar\One; echo "Top\n"; var_dump(One::class); // resolve from use var_dump(Boo::class); // resolve in global namespace var_dump(Moo::CLASS); // resolve from use as var_dump(\Moo::Class); // resolve fully qualified $class = One::class; // assign class as scalar to var $x = new $class; // create new class from original scalar assignment var_dump($x); Foo\Bar\Two::run(); // resolve runtime lookups echo "Parent\n"; Foo\Bar\Three::run(); // resolve runtime lookups with inheritance echo "Compile Check\n"; Foo\Bar\Three::checkCompileTime(); } ?> --EXPECTF-- In NS string(11) "Foo\Bar\Moo" Top string(11) "Foo\Bar\One" string(3) "Boo" string(7) "Bee\Bop" string(3) "Moo" object(Foo\Bar\One)#1 (0) { } string(11) "Foo\Bar\Two" string(11) "Foo\Bar\Two" string(11) "Foo\Bar\One" string(11) "Foo\Bar\Baz" Parent string(11) "Foo\Bar\Two" string(13) "Foo\Bar\Three" string(11) "Foo\Bar\One" string(11) "Foo\Bar\Baz" Compile Check string(13) "Foo\Bar\Three" string(11) "Foo\Bar\Baz" string(11) "Foo\Bar\One" string(11) "Foo\Bar\Two"
Output for 5.3.0 - 5.4.11
Fatal error: Namespace declaration statement has to be the very first statement in the script in /in/AiATl on line 6
Process exited with code 255.