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<?php $password = 'titanfall'; echo $password; echo "<br/>"; echo password_hash($password, PASSWORD_DEFAULT); echo '<br />'; //echo password_hash("cadillac", PASSWORD_DEFAULT); ?>

Shows result from various feature-branches currently under review from the php developers. Contact me to have additional branches featured.

Output for Typed properties v2
titanfall<br/>$2y$10$Y5lgdG2hfQUGtlIZ2PEC5.OvlGJaEm1ZeOAqiKmDVdhGkBXoopcjO<br />
Output for Arrow functions
titanfall<br/>$2y$10$e3QFVPd/9nicHWmbyH2us.PAquPr5a2VIHb8cTpw5/svxMRr.AMJa<br />
Output for Object typehint
titanfall<br/>$2y$10$OhF9eEnGa8/dH920ZzhwbOh6vANs0q2n1fhjSCI53V3hsyepWEnF6<br />
Output for Array change keys
titanfall<br/>$2y$10$Ap2Cs1P9k6SkvPlhWs3cUuDl5nPshb9OvJqYH4LCyQSkJLbpqsmsC<br />
Output for Lexical anon
titanfall<br/>$2y$10$oESodq2xS2nbHYl2/f5A6ed9CFHx1mVH/7BbpUwacr1gbX0R6B1s2<br />

Archived branches

Once feature-branches are merged or declined, they are no longer available. Their functionality (when merged) can be viewed from the main output page