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<?php function stypr_encrypt($str){ $strings = $str; $MyKey = rand(1,1024); unset($tmp); for ($i = 0; $i < strlen($strings); $i++) { ++$n; $cal = ($n * $n) ^ hexdec("3E"); $tmp = $tmp . substr("00000".dechex(decoct(ord(substr($strings, $i, 1)) ^ ($MyKey ^ hexdec('AFE43') ^ hexdec('399AA3') ^ ($cal)))), -6); } $tmp = strtoupper(strrev(substr("000".dechex($MyKey ^ hexdec('BFF') ^ hexdec('D77D')), -4).$tmp)); return $tmp; } echo stypr_encrypt("pwning_the_phpreverse!");
based on tVEtk

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Output for Arrow functions
Notice: Undefined variable: n in /in/LhAoP on line 9 Notice: Undefined variable: tmp in /in/LhAoP on line 11 BFDBFD0FDBFD5DDBFD75EBFDB3EBFDDAEBFDB9EBFD51FBFDAEEBFDF8FBFD66FBFD4CFBFD3FFBFD1CFBFD2BFBFD230CFD550CFD510CFD520CFD920CFD910CFDB10CFDAEFD

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