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<?php $var = 'ACC: "Advanced Cable Communications" ANTIETAM: "Antietam Cable Television" ATMC: "ATMC" ATT: "AT&T U-verse" BUCKEYE: "Buckeye CableSystem" BVU: "BVU Optinet" CBT: "Cincinnati Bell Fioptics" CLEARCREEK: "Clear Creek Communications" Cablevision: "Optimum" Comcast_SSO: "Comcast XFINITY" ElasticSSOIframe: "FNG Employee/Guest" FRONTIER: "Frontier Communications" GREENLIGHT: "Greenlight Cable" GUAM: "Docomo Pacific" HBC: "HBC" JEA: "Jackson Energy Authority" MICONNECTION: "MI-Connection" ORBITEL: "Orbitel" Suddenlink: "Suddenlink" WOW: "WOW!" acecommunications: "ACE Communications" acm010: "Acme Communications" algona: "Algona Municipal Utilities" all070: "ALLO Communications" allwest: "All West Communications" alpine: "Alpine Communications" annearundel: "Broadstripe" arkwest: "Arkwest Communications" arvig: "Arvig" astound: "Astound" auth_armstrongmywire_com: "Armstrong" auth_atlanticbb_net: "Atlantic Broadband" auth_cableone_net: "Cable ONE" auth_centurylink_net: "CenturyLink Prism" auth_hawaiiantel_net: "Hawaiian Telcom" auth_metrocast_net: "MetroCast" auth_surewest_net: "SureWest (Consolidated Communications)" auth_truvista_net: "TruVista" baldwin: "Baldwin Telecom, Inc." baycreek: "Bay Creek Communications" bci010: "Vyve Broadband" bra010: "Limestone Cable/Bracken Cable" bra020: "BELD" btc010: "BTC Communications" burlington_auth-gateway_net: "Burlington Telecom" but010: "Butler-Bremer Communications" cab060: "USA Communications" cab140: "Cable TV of Stanton" cableamerica: "CableAmerica" cam010: "Pinpoint Communications" canbytel: "Canby Telcom" car050: "Carnegie Cable" car100: "Innovative Cable TV St Thomas-St John" carolinata: "West Carolina Communications" cas: "CAS Cable" casscomm: "CASSCOMM" cat020: "Comporium" cccomm: "CC Communications" cen100: "CentraCom" cfunet: "Cedar Falls Utilities" cic010: "NineStar Connect" cimtel: "Cim-Tel Cable, LLC." cit040: "Citizens Telecom" cit180: "Citizens Cablevision - Floyd, VA" cit210: "Citizens Cablevision, Inc." cit220: "Tullahoma Utilities Board" cla010: "Clarence Telephone and Cedar Communications" clickcabletv_auth-gateway_net: "Click! Cable TV" clr010: "Giant Communications" cml010: "CML Telephone Cooperative Association" cns: "CNS" com050: "The Community Agency" com140: "Access Montana" consolidated_auth-gateway_net: "Consolidated Communications" consolidatedcable: "Consolidated" conwaycorp: "Conway Corporation" cou060: "Zito Media" crestview: "Crestview Cable Communications" cro030: "Crosslake Communications" cross: "Cross TV" crt020: "CapRock Tv" csicable: "Cable Services Inc." ctc040: "CTC - Brainerd MN" ctcommunications: "CT Communications" cun010: "Cunningham Telephone and Cable" dak030: "Dakota Central Telecommunications" daltonutilities: "OptiLink" dem010-01: "Celect-Bloomer Telephone Area" dem010-02: "Celect-Bruce Telephone Area" dem010-03: "Celect-Citizens Connected Area" dem010-04: "Celect-Elmwood/Spring Valley Area" dem010-05: "Celect-West WI Telephone Area" dix030: "ATC Broadband" dur010: "Chippewa Valley Cable" dur010-nel: "Nelson Telephone Cooperative" eagle: "Eagle Communications" eatel: "EATEL Video, LLC" emerytelcom: "Emery Telcom Video LLC" endeavor: "Endeavor Communications" epb_auth-gateway_net: "EPB Fiber Optics" fbc-tele: "FandB Communications" fbcomm: "Frankfort Plant Board" fid010: "Fidelity Communications" fli020: "Flint River Communications" frontier: "FiOS TV from Frontier" fullchannel: "Full Channel, Inc." gbt010: "GBT Communications, Inc." gci_auth-gateway_net: "GCI" gla010: "Glasgow EPB" gle010: "Glenwood Telecommunications" goldenwest: "Golden West Cablevision" googlefiber_auth-gateway_net: "Google Fiber" gpcom: "Great Plains Communications" gra060: "GLW Broadband Inc." gta_auth-gateway_net: "GTA" gvtc_auth-gateway_net: "GVTC" har005: "Harlan Municipal Utilities" har020: "Hart Communications" hargray_auth-gateway_net: "Hargray" hea040: "Heart of Iowa Communications Cooperative" hickorytech_auth-gateway_net: "Enventis formerly HickoryTech" hometel: "HomeTel Entertainment, Inc." hometelecom_auth-gateway_net: "Home Telecom" hometowncable_auth-gateway_net: "Home Town Cable" hoodcanal: "Hood Canal Communications" horizoncable: "Horizon Cable TV, Inc." hotwirecommunications_auth-gateway_net: "Hotwire Communications" htc020: "Hickory Telephone Company" htccomm: "HTC Communications, Inc. - IA" hun015: "American Broadband" icc010: "Inside Connect Cable" imon: "ImOn Communications" int050: "Interstate Telecommunications Coop" kal030: "Kalona Cooperative Telephone Company" kmt010: "KMTelecom" knology_auth-gateway_net: "KNOLOGY" kpu010: "KPU Telecommunications" kuh010: "Kuhn Communications, Inc." lau020: "Laurel Highland Total Communications, Inc." lit020: "Litestream" lns010: "Lost Nation-Elwood Telephone Co." loc010: "LocalTel Communications" longlines_auth-gateway_net: "Long Lines" lumos: "Lumos Networks" madison: "Madison Communications" man060: "MTCC" mck010: "Peoples Rural Telephone Cooperative" mctv: "MCTV" merrimac: "Merrimac Communications Ltd." metronet: "Metronet" mhtc: "MHTC" mid030: "enTouch" mid045: "Midstate Communications" midhudson: "Mid-Hudson Cable" midrivers: "Mid-Rivers Communications" mil080: "Milford Communications" morrisbroadband_auth-gateway_net: "Morris Broadband" mpw: "Muscatine Power and Water" msauth_midco_net: "Midcontinent Communications" mtacomm: "MTA Communications, LLC" musfiber: "MUS FiberNET" myrtu_auth-gateway_net: "Reinbeck Telecommunications Utility" nctc: "Nebraska Central Telecom, Inc." net010: "Nsight Telservices" new045: "NU-Telecom" nextech_auth-gateway_net: "Nex-Tech" nktelco: "NKTelco" nor030: "Northland Communications" nor125: "Norwood Light Broadband" nor140: "North Central Telephone Cooperative" nor240: "NICP" nortex: "Nortex Communications" nttcash010: "Ashland Home Net" nttcwhi010: "Whidbey Telecom" nulink: "NuLink" nwcable_auth-gateway_net: "NewWave Communications" onesource: "OneSource Communications" openband_auth-gateway_net: "OpenBand" ote010: "OTEC Communication Company" otter: "Park Region Telephone and Otter Tail Telcom" pac12enterprises: "PAC12 Enterprises" paulbunyan: "Paul Bunyan Communications" pem020: "Pembroke Telephone Company" phe030: "Cable TV of East Alabama" phonoscope: "Phonoscope Cable" pie010: "Surry TV/PCSI TV" pioncomm: "Pioneer Communications" pioneer: "Pioneer DTV" pottawatomie: "Pottawatomie Telephone Co." premiercomm: "Premier Communications" rai030: "Rainier Connect" ree010: "Reedsburg Utility Commission" rma: "RMA Broadband and Cable TV" rockportcable: "Rock Port Cablevision" rtc: "RTC Communication Corp" selco: "SELCO" service-electric: "Service Electric Cable TV and Communications" service-electric-bb: "Service Electric Broadband" serviceelectric_auth-gateway_net: "Service Electric Cablevision" she005: "USA Communications- Shellsburg, IA" she010: "Shentel" sjoberg: "Sjoberg\'s Inc." sky050: "SkyBest TV" sou035: "South Slope Cooperative Communications" sou075: "South Central Rural Telephone Cooperative" spe010: "Spencer Municipal Utilities" spl010: "Alliance Communications" srt010: "SRT" stc020: "Innovative Cable TV St Croix" sul015: "Venture Communications Cooperative, Inc." sum010: "Sumner Cable TV" sweetwater: "Sweetwater Cable Television Co" tcc: "Tri County Communications Cooperative" tct: "TCT West, Inc." tds_auth-gateway_net: "TDS" tel095: "Beaver Creek Cooperative Telephone" tel160-csp: "C Spire" tel160-del: "Delta Telephone Company" tel160-fra: "Franklin Telephone Company" telus_auth-gateway_net: "Telus" tro010: "Troy Cablevision, Inc." tsc: "TSC" tvtinc: "Twin Valley" uss020: "US Sonet" ver025: "Vernon Communications" vis070: "Vision Communications" volcanotel: "Volcano Vision, Inc." wadsworth: "CityLink" waitsfield: "Waitsfield Cable" wal010: "Walnut Communications" war040: "Citizens Telephone Corporation" wavebroadband: "Wave Broadband" wct010: "West Central Telephone Association" wcta: "Winnebago Cooperative Telecom Association" weh010-camtel: "Cam-Tel Company" weh010-east: "East Arkansas Cable TV" weh010-hope: "Hope - Prescott Cable TV" weh010-longview: "Longview - Kilgore Cable TV" weh010-pine: "Pine Bluff Cable TV" weh010-resort: "Resort TV Cable" weh010-talequah: "Tahlequah Cable TV" weh010-vicksburg: "Vicksburg Video" weh010-white: "White County Cable TV" wes110: "West River Cooperative Telephone Company" westianet: "Western Iowa Networks" win090: "Windstream" wtc010: "WTC" www_websso_mybrctv_com: "Blue Ridge Communications" zzElasticSSOIframe: "Fox Networks Guest"'; $entries = explode("\n", $var); preg_match_all('#^(?<key>.*): "(?<value>.*)"$#m', $var, $matches); var_dump($matches['key']);
Output for 4.4.6 - 4.4.9, 5.2.2 - 7.2.0
array(249) { [0]=> string(3) "ACC" [1]=> string(8) "ANTIETAM" [2]=> string(4) "ATMC" [3]=> string(3) "ATT" [4]=> string(7) "BUCKEYE" [5]=> string(3) "BVU" [6]=> string(3) "CBT" [7]=> string(10) "CLEARCREEK" [8]=> string(11) "Cablevision" [9]=> string(11) "Comcast_SSO" [10]=> string(16) "ElasticSSOIframe" [11]=> string(8) "FRONTIER" [12]=> string(10) "GREENLIGHT" [13]=> string(4) "GUAM" [14]=> string(3) "HBC" [15]=> string(3) "JEA" [16]=> string(12) "MICONNECTION" [17]=> string(7) "ORBITEL" [18]=> string(10) "Suddenlink" [19]=> string(3) "WOW" [20]=> string(17) "acecommunications" [21]=> string(6) "acm010" [22]=> string(6) "algona" [23]=> string(6) "all070" [24]=> string(7) "allwest" [25]=> string(6) "alpine" [26]=> string(11) "annearundel" [27]=> string(7) "arkwest" [28]=> string(5) "arvig" [29]=> string(7) "astound" [30]=> string(24) "auth_armstrongmywire_com" [31]=> string(19) "auth_atlanticbb_net" [32]=> string(17) "auth_cableone_net" [33]=> string(20) "auth_centurylink_net" [34]=> string(20) "auth_hawaiiantel_net" [35]=> string(18) "auth_metrocast_net" [36]=> string(17) "auth_surewest_net" [37]=> string(17) "auth_truvista_net" [38]=> string(7) "baldwin" [39]=> string(8) "baycreek" [40]=> string(6) "bci010" [41]=> string(6) "bra010" [42]=> string(6) "bra020" [43]=> string(6) "btc010" [44]=> string(27) "burlington_auth-gateway_net" [45]=> string(6) "but010" [46]=> string(6) "cab060" [47]=> string(6) "cab140" [48]=> string(12) "cableamerica" [49]=> string(6) "cam010" [50]=> string(8) "canbytel" [51]=> string(6) "car050" [52]=> string(6) "car100" [53]=> string(10) "carolinata" [54]=> string(3) "cas" [55]=> string(8) "casscomm" [56]=> string(6) "cat020" [57]=> string(6) "cccomm" [58]=> string(6) "cen100" [59]=> string(6) "cfunet" [60]=> string(6) "cic010" [61]=> string(6) "cimtel" [62]=> string(6) "cit040" [63]=> string(6) "cit180" [64]=> string(6) "cit210" [65]=> string(6) "cit220" [66]=> string(6) "cla010" [67]=> string(29) "clickcabletv_auth-gateway_net" [68]=> string(6) "clr010" [69]=> string(6) "cml010" [70]=> string(3) "cns" [71]=> string(6) "com050" [72]=> string(6) "com140" [73]=> string(29) "consolidated_auth-gateway_net" [74]=> string(17) "consolidatedcable" [75]=> string(10) "conwaycorp" [76]=> string(6) "cou060" [77]=> string(9) "crestview" [78]=> string(6) "cro030" [79]=> string(5) "cross" [80]=> string(6) "crt020" [81]=> string(8) "csicable" [82]=> string(6) "ctc040" [83]=> string(16) "ctcommunications" [84]=> string(6) "cun010" [85]=> string(6) "dak030" [86]=> string(15) "daltonutilities" [87]=> string(9) "dem010-01" [88]=> string(9) "dem010-02" [89]=> string(9) "dem010-03" [90]=> string(9) "dem010-04" [91]=> string(9) "dem010-05" [92]=> string(6) "dix030" [93]=> string(6) "dur010" [94]=> string(10) "dur010-nel" [95]=> string(5) "eagle" [96]=> string(5) "eatel" [97]=> string(11) "emerytelcom" [98]=> string(8) "endeavor" [99]=> string(20) "epb_auth-gateway_net" [100]=> string(8) "fbc-tele" [101]=> string(6) "fbcomm" [102]=> string(6) "fid010" [103]=> string(6) "fli020" [104]=> string(8) "frontier" [105]=> string(11) "fullchannel" [106]=> string(6) "gbt010" [107]=> string(20) "gci_auth-gateway_net" [108]=> string(6) "gla010" [109]=> string(6) "gle010" [110]=> string(10) "goldenwest" [111]=> string(28) "googlefiber_auth-gateway_net" [112]=> string(5) "gpcom" [113]=> string(6) "gra060" [114]=> string(20) "gta_auth-gateway_net" [115]=> string(21) "gvtc_auth-gateway_net" [116]=> string(6) "har005" [117]=> string(6) "har020" [118]=> string(24) "hargray_auth-gateway_net" [119]=> string(6) "hea040" [120]=> string(28) "hickorytech_auth-gateway_net" [121]=> string(7) "hometel" [122]=> string(28) "hometelecom_auth-gateway_net" [123]=> string(30) "hometowncable_auth-gateway_net" [124]=> string(9) "hoodcanal" [125]=> string(12) "horizoncable" [126]=> string(38) "hotwirecommunications_auth-gateway_net" [127]=> string(6) "htc020" [128]=> string(7) "htccomm" [129]=> string(6) "hun015" [130]=> string(6) "icc010" [131]=> string(4) "imon" [132]=> string(6) "int050" [133]=> string(6) "kal030" [134]=> string(6) "kmt010" [135]=> string(24) "knology_auth-gateway_net" [136]=> string(6) "kpu010" [137]=> string(6) "kuh010" [138]=> string(6) "lau020" [139]=> string(6) "lit020" [140]=> string(6) "lns010" [141]=> string(6) "loc010" [142]=> string(26) "longlines_auth-gateway_net" [143]=> string(5) "lumos" [144]=> string(7) "madison" [145]=> string(6) "man060" [146]=> string(6) "mck010" [147]=> string(4) "mctv" [148]=> string(8) "merrimac" [149]=> string(8) "metronet" [150]=> string(4) "mhtc" [151]=> string(6) "mid030" [152]=> string(6) "mid045" [153]=> string(9) "midhudson" [154]=> string(9) "midrivers" [155]=> string(6) "mil080" [156]=> string(32) "morrisbroadband_auth-gateway_net" [157]=> string(3) "mpw" [158]=> string(16) "msauth_midco_net" [159]=> string(7) "mtacomm" [160]=> string(8) "musfiber" [161]=> string(22) "myrtu_auth-gateway_net" [162]=> string(4) "nctc" [163]=> string(6) "net010" [164]=> string(6) "new045" [165]=> string(24) "nextech_auth-gateway_net" [166]=> string(7) "nktelco" [167]=> string(6) "nor030" [168]=> string(6) "nor125" [169]=> string(6) "nor140" [170]=> string(6) "nor240" [171]=> string(6) "nortex" [172]=> string(10) "nttcash010" [173]=> string(10) "nttcwhi010" [174]=> string(6) "nulink" [175]=> string(24) "nwcable_auth-gateway_net" [176]=> string(9) "onesource" [177]=> string(25) "openband_auth-gateway_net" [178]=> string(6) "ote010" [179]=> string(5) "otter" [180]=> string(16) "pac12enterprises" [181]=> string(10) "paulbunyan" [182]=> string(6) "pem020" [183]=> string(6) "phe030" [184]=> string(10) "phonoscope" [185]=> string(6) "pie010" [186]=> string(8) "pioncomm" [187]=> string(7) "pioneer" [188]=> string(12) "pottawatomie" [189]=> string(11) "premiercomm" [190]=> string(6) "rai030" [191]=> string(6) "ree010" [192]=> string(3) "rma" [193]=> string(13) "rockportcable" [194]=> string(3) "rtc" [195]=> string(5) "selco" [196]=> string(16) "service-electric" [197]=> string(19) "service-electric-bb" [198]=> string(32) "serviceelectric_auth-gateway_net" [199]=> string(6) "she005" [200]=> string(6) "she010" [201]=> string(7) "sjoberg" [202]=> string(6) "sky050" [203]=> string(6) "sou035" [204]=> string(6) "sou075" [205]=> string(6) "spe010" [206]=> string(6) "spl010" [207]=> string(6) "srt010" [208]=> string(6) "stc020" [209]=> string(6) "sul015" [210]=> string(6) "sum010" [211]=> string(10) "sweetwater" [212]=> string(3) "tcc" [213]=> string(3) "tct" [214]=> string(20) "tds_auth-gateway_net" [215]=> string(6) "tel095" [216]=> string(10) "tel160-csp" [217]=> string(10) "tel160-del" [218]=> string(10) "tel160-fra" [219]=> string(22) "telus_auth-gateway_net" [220]=> string(6) "tro010" [221]=> string(3) "tsc" [222]=> string(6) "tvtinc" [223]=> string(6) "uss020" [224]=> string(6) "ver025" [225]=> string(6) "vis070" [226]=> string(10) "volcanotel" [227]=> string(9) "wadsworth" [228]=> string(10) "waitsfield" [229]=> string(6) "wal010" [230]=> string(6) "war040" [231]=> string(13) "wavebroadband" [232]=> string(6) "wct010" [233]=> string(4) "wcta" [234]=> string(13) "weh010-camtel" [235]=> string(11) "weh010-east" [236]=> string(11) "weh010-hope" [237]=> string(15) "weh010-longview" [238]=> string(11) "weh010-pine" [239]=> string(13) "weh010-resort" [240]=> string(15) "weh010-talequah" [241]=> string(16) "weh010-vicksburg" [242]=> string(12) "weh010-white" [243]=> string(6) "wes110" [244]=> string(9) "westianet" [245]=> string(6) "win090" [246]=> string(6) "wtc010" [247]=> string(22) "www_websso_mybrctv_com" [248]=> string(18) "zzElasticSSOIframe" }
Output for 5.2.0 - 5.2.1
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Output for 4.3.11 - 4.4.5, 5.0.0 - 5.1.6
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Output for 4.3.0 - 4.3.10
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