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<?php $var = 'ACC: "Advanced Cable Communications" ANTIETAM: "Antietam Cable Television" ATMC: "ATMC" ATT: "AT&T U-verse" BUCKEYE: "Buckeye CableSystem" BVU: "BVU Optinet" CBT: "Cincinnati Bell Fioptics" CLEARCREEK: "Clear Creek Communications" Cablevision: "Optimum" Comcast_SSO: "Comcast XFINITY" ElasticSSOIframe: "FNG Employee/Guest" FRONTIER: "Frontier Communications" GREENLIGHT: "Greenlight Cable" GUAM: "Docomo Pacific" HBC: "HBC" JEA: "Jackson Energy Authority" MICONNECTION: "MI-Connection" ORBITEL: "Orbitel" Suddenlink: "Suddenlink" WOW: "WOW!" acecommunications: "ACE Communications" acm010: "Acme Communications" algona: "Algona Municipal Utilities" all070: "ALLO Communications" allwest: "All West Communications" alpine: "Alpine Communications" annearundel: "Broadstripe" arkwest: "Arkwest Communications" arvig: "Arvig" astound: "Astound" auth_armstrongmywire_com: "Armstrong" auth_atlanticbb_net: "Atlantic Broadband" auth_cableone_net: "Cable ONE" auth_centurylink_net: "CenturyLink Prism" auth_hawaiiantel_net: "Hawaiian Telcom" auth_metrocast_net: "MetroCast" auth_surewest_net: "SureWest (Consolidated Communications)" auth_truvista_net: "TruVista" baldwin: "Baldwin Telecom, Inc." baycreek: "Bay Creek Communications" bci010: "Vyve Broadband" bra010: "Limestone Cable/Bracken Cable" bra020: "BELD" btc010: "BTC Communications" burlington_auth-gateway_net: "Burlington Telecom" but010: "Butler-Bremer Communications" cab060: "USA Communications" cab140: "Cable TV of Stanton" cableamerica: "CableAmerica" cam010: "Pinpoint Communications" canbytel: "Canby Telcom" car050: "Carnegie Cable" car100: "Innovative Cable TV St Thomas-St John" carolinata: "West Carolina Communications" cas: "CAS Cable" casscomm: "CASSCOMM" cat020: "Comporium" cccomm: "CC Communications" cen100: "CentraCom" cfunet: "Cedar Falls Utilities" cic010: "NineStar Connect" cimtel: "Cim-Tel Cable, LLC." cit040: "Citizens Telecom" cit180: "Citizens Cablevision - Floyd, VA" cit210: "Citizens Cablevision, Inc." cit220: "Tullahoma Utilities Board" cla010: "Clarence Telephone and Cedar Communications" clickcabletv_auth-gateway_net: "Click! Cable TV" clr010: "Giant Communications" cml010: "CML Telephone Cooperative Association" cns: "CNS" com050: "The Community Agency" com140: "Access Montana" consolidated_auth-gateway_net: "Consolidated Communications" consolidatedcable: "Consolidated" conwaycorp: "Conway Corporation" cou060: "Zito Media" crestview: "Crestview Cable Communications" cro030: "Crosslake Communications" cross: "Cross TV" crt020: "CapRock Tv" csicable: "Cable Services Inc." ctc040: "CTC - Brainerd MN" ctcommunications: "CT Communications" cun010: "Cunningham Telephone and Cable" dak030: "Dakota Central Telecommunications" daltonutilities: "OptiLink" dem010-01: "Celect-Bloomer Telephone Area" dem010-02: "Celect-Bruce Telephone Area" dem010-03: "Celect-Citizens Connected Area" dem010-04: "Celect-Elmwood/Spring Valley Area" dem010-05: "Celect-West WI Telephone Area" dix030: "ATC Broadband" dur010: "Chippewa Valley Cable" dur010-nel: "Nelson Telephone Cooperative" eagle: "Eagle Communications" eatel: "EATEL Video, LLC" emerytelcom: "Emery Telcom Video LLC" endeavor: "Endeavor Communications" epb_auth-gateway_net: "EPB Fiber Optics" fbc-tele: "FandB Communications" fbcomm: "Frankfort Plant Board" fid010: "Fidelity Communications" fli020: "Flint River Communications" frontier: "FiOS TV from Frontier" fullchannel: "Full Channel, Inc." gbt010: "GBT Communications, Inc." gci_auth-gateway_net: "GCI" gla010: "Glasgow EPB" gle010: "Glenwood Telecommunications" goldenwest: "Golden West Cablevision" googlefiber_auth-gateway_net: "Google Fiber" gpcom: "Great Plains Communications" gra060: "GLW Broadband Inc." gta_auth-gateway_net: "GTA" gvtc_auth-gateway_net: "GVTC" har005: "Harlan Municipal Utilities" har020: "Hart Communications" hargray_auth-gateway_net: "Hargray" hea040: "Heart of Iowa Communications Cooperative" hickorytech_auth-gateway_net: "Enventis formerly HickoryTech" hometel: "HomeTel Entertainment, Inc." hometelecom_auth-gateway_net: "Home Telecom" hometowncable_auth-gateway_net: "Home Town Cable" hoodcanal: "Hood Canal Communications" horizoncable: "Horizon Cable TV, Inc." hotwirecommunications_auth-gateway_net: "Hotwire Communications" htc020: "Hickory Telephone Company" htccomm: "HTC Communications, Inc. - IA" hun015: "American Broadband" icc010: "Inside Connect Cable" imon: "ImOn Communications" int050: "Interstate Telecommunications Coop" kal030: "Kalona Cooperative Telephone Company" kmt010: "KMTelecom" knology_auth-gateway_net: "KNOLOGY" kpu010: "KPU Telecommunications" kuh010: "Kuhn Communications, Inc." lau020: "Laurel Highland Total Communications, Inc." lit020: "Litestream" lns010: "Lost Nation-Elwood Telephone Co." loc010: "LocalTel Communications" longlines_auth-gateway_net: "Long Lines" lumos: "Lumos Networks" madison: "Madison Communications" man060: "MTCC" mck010: "Peoples Rural Telephone Cooperative" mctv: "MCTV" merrimac: "Merrimac Communications Ltd." metronet: "Metronet" mhtc: "MHTC" mid030: "enTouch" mid045: "Midstate Communications" midhudson: "Mid-Hudson Cable" midrivers: "Mid-Rivers Communications" mil080: "Milford Communications" morrisbroadband_auth-gateway_net: "Morris Broadband" mpw: "Muscatine Power and Water" msauth_midco_net: "Midcontinent Communications" mtacomm: "MTA Communications, LLC" musfiber: "MUS FiberNET" myrtu_auth-gateway_net: "Reinbeck Telecommunications Utility" nctc: "Nebraska Central Telecom, Inc." net010: "Nsight Telservices" new045: "NU-Telecom" nextech_auth-gateway_net: "Nex-Tech" nktelco: "NKTelco" nor030: "Northland Communications" nor125: "Norwood Light Broadband" nor140: "North Central Telephone Cooperative" nor240: "NICP" nortex: "Nortex Communications" nttcash010: "Ashland Home Net" nttcwhi010: "Whidbey Telecom" nulink: "NuLink" nwcable_auth-gateway_net: "NewWave Communications" onesource: "OneSource Communications" openband_auth-gateway_net: "OpenBand" ote010: "OTEC Communication Company" otter: "Park Region Telephone and Otter Tail Telcom" pac12enterprises: "PAC12 Enterprises" paulbunyan: "Paul Bunyan Communications" pem020: "Pembroke Telephone Company" phe030: "Cable TV of East Alabama" phonoscope: "Phonoscope Cable" pie010: "Surry TV/PCSI TV" pioncomm: "Pioneer Communications" pioneer: "Pioneer DTV" pottawatomie: "Pottawatomie Telephone Co." premiercomm: "Premier Communications" rai030: "Rainier Connect" ree010: "Reedsburg Utility Commission" rma: "RMA Broadband and Cable TV" rockportcable: "Rock Port Cablevision" rtc: "RTC Communication Corp" selco: "SELCO" service-electric: "Service Electric Cable TV and Communications" service-electric-bb: "Service Electric Broadband" serviceelectric_auth-gateway_net: "Service Electric Cablevision" she005: "USA Communications- Shellsburg, IA" she010: "Shentel" sjoberg: "Sjoberg\'s Inc." sky050: "SkyBest TV" sou035: "South Slope Cooperative Communications" sou075: "South Central Rural Telephone Cooperative" spe010: "Spencer Municipal Utilities" spl010: "Alliance Communications" srt010: "SRT" stc020: "Innovative Cable TV St Croix" sul015: "Venture Communications Cooperative, Inc." sum010: "Sumner Cable TV" sweetwater: "Sweetwater Cable Television Co" tcc: "Tri County Communications Cooperative" tct: "TCT West, Inc." tds_auth-gateway_net: "TDS" tel095: "Beaver Creek Cooperative Telephone" tel160-csp: "C Spire" tel160-del: "Delta Telephone Company" tel160-fra: "Franklin Telephone Company" telus_auth-gateway_net: "Telus" tro010: "Troy Cablevision, Inc." tsc: "TSC" tvtinc: "Twin Valley" uss020: "US Sonet" ver025: "Vernon Communications" vis070: "Vision Communications" volcanotel: "Volcano Vision, Inc." wadsworth: "CityLink" waitsfield: "Waitsfield Cable" wal010: "Walnut Communications" war040: "Citizens Telephone Corporation" wavebroadband: "Wave Broadband" wct010: "West Central Telephone Association" wcta: "Winnebago Cooperative Telecom Association" weh010-camtel: "Cam-Tel Company" weh010-east: "East Arkansas Cable TV" weh010-hope: "Hope - Prescott Cable TV" weh010-longview: "Longview - Kilgore Cable TV" weh010-pine: "Pine Bluff Cable TV" weh010-resort: "Resort TV Cable" weh010-talequah: "Tahlequah Cable TV" weh010-vicksburg: "Vicksburg Video" weh010-white: "White County Cable TV" wes110: "West River Cooperative Telephone Company" westianet: "Western Iowa Networks" win090: "Windstream" wtc010: "WTC" www_websso_mybrctv_com: "Blue Ridge Communications" zzElasticSSOIframe: "Fox Networks Guest"'; $entries = explode("\n", $var); preg_match_all('#^(?<key>.*): "(?<value>.*)"$#m', $var, $matches); $new = array(); $i = 0; foreach($matches['key'] as $key) { $new[$key] = $matches['value'][$i]; $i++; } echo implode(',', $new);
Output for 4.4.6 - 4.4.9, 5.2.2 - 7.2.0
Advanced Cable Communications,Antietam Cable Television,ATMC,AT&T U-verse,Buckeye CableSystem,BVU Optinet,Cincinnati Bell Fioptics,Clear Creek Communications,Optimum,Comcast XFINITY,FNG Employee/Guest,Frontier Communications,Greenlight Cable,Docomo Pacific,HBC,Jackson Energy Authority,MI-Connection,Orbitel,Suddenlink,WOW!,ACE Communications,Acme Communications,Algona Municipal Utilities,ALLO Communications,All West Communications,Alpine Communications,Broadstripe,Arkwest Communications,Arvig,Astound,Armstrong,Atlantic Broadband,Cable ONE,CenturyLink Prism,Hawaiian Telcom,MetroCast,SureWest (Consolidated Communications),TruVista,Baldwin Telecom, Inc.,Bay Creek Communications,Vyve Broadband,Limestone Cable/Bracken Cable,BELD,BTC Communications,Burlington Telecom,Butler-Bremer Communications,USA Communications,Cable TV of Stanton,CableAmerica,Pinpoint Communications,Canby Telcom,Carnegie Cable,Innovative Cable TV St Thomas-St John,West Carolina Communications,CAS Cable,CASSCOMM,Comporium,CC Communications,CentraCom,Cedar Falls Utilities,NineStar Connect,Cim-Tel Cable, LLC.,Citizens Telecom,Citizens Cablevision - Floyd, VA,Citizens Cablevision, Inc.,Tullahoma Utilities Board,Clarence Telephone and Cedar Communications,Click! Cable TV,Giant Communications,CML Telephone Cooperative Association,CNS,The Community Agency,Access Montana,Consolidated Communications,Consolidated,Conway Corporation,Zito Media,Crestview Cable Communications,Crosslake Communications,Cross TV,CapRock Tv,Cable Services Inc.,CTC - Brainerd MN,CT Communications,Cunningham Telephone and Cable,Dakota Central Telecommunications,OptiLink,Celect-Bloomer Telephone Area,Celect-Bruce Telephone Area,Celect-Citizens Connected Area,Celect-Elmwood/Spring Valley Area,Celect-West WI Telephone Area,ATC Broadband,Chippewa Valley Cable,Nelson Telephone Cooperative,Eagle Communications,EATEL Video, LLC,Emery Telcom Video LLC,Endeavor Communications,EPB Fiber Optics,FandB Communications,Frankfort Plant Board,Fidelity Communications,Flint River Communications,FiOS TV from Frontier,Full Channel, Inc.,GBT Communications, Inc.,GCI,Glasgow EPB,Glenwood Telecommunications,Golden West Cablevision,Google Fiber,Great Plains Communications,GLW Broadband Inc.,GTA,GVTC,Harlan Municipal Utilities,Hart Communications,Hargray,Heart of Iowa Communications Cooperative,Enventis formerly HickoryTech,HomeTel Entertainment, Inc.,Home Telecom,Home Town Cable,Hood Canal Communications,Horizon Cable TV, Inc.,Hotwire Communications,Hickory Telephone Company,HTC Communications, Inc. - IA,American Broadband,Inside Connect Cable,ImOn Communications,Interstate Telecommunications Coop,Kalona Cooperative Telephone Company,KMTelecom,KNOLOGY,KPU Telecommunications,Kuhn Communications, Inc.,Laurel Highland Total Communications, Inc.,Litestream,Lost Nation-Elwood Telephone Co.,LocalTel Communications,Long Lines,Lumos Networks,Madison Communications,MTCC,Peoples Rural Telephone Cooperative,MCTV,Merrimac Communications Ltd.,Metronet,MHTC,enTouch,Midstate Communications,Mid-Hudson Cable,Mid-Rivers Communications,Milford Communications,Morris Broadband,Muscatine Power and Water,Midcontinent Communications,MTA Communications, LLC,MUS FiberNET,Reinbeck Telecommunications Utility,Nebraska Central Telecom, Inc.,Nsight Telservices,NU-Telecom,Nex-Tech,NKTelco,Northland Communications,Norwood Light Broadband,North Central Telephone Cooperative,NICP,Nortex Communications,Ashland Home Net,Whidbey Telecom,NuLink,NewWave Communications,OneSource Communications,OpenBand,OTEC Communication Company,Park Region Telephone and Otter Tail Telcom,PAC12 Enterprises,Paul Bunyan Communications,Pembroke Telephone Company,Cable TV of East Alabama,Phonoscope Cable,Surry TV/PCSI TV,Pioneer Communications,Pioneer DTV,Pottawatomie Telephone Co.,Premier Communications,Rainier Connect,Reedsburg Utility Commission,RMA Broadband and Cable TV,Rock Port Cablevision,RTC Communication Corp,SELCO,Service Electric Cable TV and Communications,Service Electric Broadband,Service Electric Cablevision,USA Communications- Shellsburg, IA,Shentel,Sjoberg's Inc.,SkyBest TV,South Slope Cooperative Communications,South Central Rural Telephone Cooperative,Spencer Municipal Utilities,Alliance Communications,SRT,Innovative Cable TV St Croix,Venture Communications Cooperative, Inc.,Sumner Cable TV,Sweetwater Cable Television Co,Tri County Communications Cooperative,TCT West, Inc.,TDS,Beaver Creek Cooperative Telephone,C Spire,Delta Telephone Company,Franklin Telephone Company,Telus,Troy Cablevision, Inc.,TSC,Twin Valley,US Sonet,Vernon Communications,Vision Communications,Volcano Vision, Inc.,CityLink,Waitsfield Cable,Walnut Communications,Citizens Telephone Corporation,Wave Broadband,West Central Telephone Association,Winnebago Cooperative Telecom Association,Cam-Tel Company,East Arkansas Cable TV,Hope - Prescott Cable TV,Longview - Kilgore Cable TV,Pine Bluff Cable TV,Resort TV Cable,Tahlequah Cable TV,Vicksburg Video,White County Cable TV,West River Cooperative Telephone Company,Western Iowa Networks,Windstream,WTC,Blue Ridge Communications,Fox Networks Guest
Output for 4.4.0 - 4.4.5, 5.0.0 - 5.2.1
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Output for 4.3.11
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Output for 4.3.0 - 4.3.10
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