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<?php function nums() { $ary = [24,25,26,27,28,29,30,31,32]; for($x = 0, $max = count($ary); ($x < $max || $x >= 999); $x += 2) { var_dump($x); $cmd = (yield $ary[$x]); // yield expr if ($cmd == 999) { var_dump($cmd); $x = 997; } } } $gen = nums(); foreach ($gen as $value) { echo "$value\n"; if ($value == 28) { // don't let it get to 32 $gen->send(999); } }
Output for 5.5.0 - 5.6.22, 7.0.0 - 7.1.0
int(0) 24 int(2) 26 int(4) 28 int(999) int(999) Notice: Undefined offset: 999 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1001) Notice: Undefined offset: 1001 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1003) Notice: Undefined offset: 1003 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1005) Notice: Undefined offset: 1005 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1007) Notice: Undefined offset: 1007 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1009) Notice: Undefined offset: 1009 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1011) Notice: Undefined offset: 1011 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1013) Notice: Undefined offset: 1013 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1015) Notice: Undefined offset: 1015 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1017) Notice: Undefined offset: 1017 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1019) Notice: Undefined offset: 1019 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1021) Notice: Undefined offset: 1021 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1023) Notice: Undefined offset: 1023 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1025) Notice: Undefined offset: 1025 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1027) Notice: Undefined offset: 1027 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1029) Notice: Undefined offset: 1029 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1031) Notice: Undefined offset: 1031 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1033) Notice: Undefined offset: 1033 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1035) Notice: Undefined offset: 1035 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1037) Notice: Undefined offset: 1037 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1039) Notice: Undefined offset: 1039 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1041) Notice: Undefined offset: 1041 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1043) Notice: Undefined offset: 1043 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1045) Notice: Undefined offset: 1045 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1047) Notice: Undefined offset: 1047 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1049) Notice: Undefined offset: 1049 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1051) Notice: Undefined offset: 1051 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1053) Notice: Undefined offset: 1053 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1055) Notice: Undefined offset: 1055 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1057) Notice: Undefined offset: 1057 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1059) Notice: Undefined offset: 1059 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1061) Notice: Undefined offset: 1061 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1063) Notice: Undefined offset: 1063 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1065) Notice: Undefined offset: 1065 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1067) Notice: Undefined offset: 1067 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1069) Notice: Undefined offset: 1069 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1071) Notice: Undefined offset: 1071 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1073) Notice: Undefined offset: 1073 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1075) Notice: Undefined offset: 1075 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1077) Notice: Undefined offset: 1077 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1079) Notice: Undefined offset: 1079 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1081) Notice: Undefined offset: 1081 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1083) Notice: Undefined offset: 1083 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1085) Notice: Undefined offset: 1085 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1087) Notice: Undefined offset: 1087 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1089) Notice: Undefined offset: 1089 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1091) Notice: Undefined offset: 1091 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1093) Notice: Undefined offset: 1093 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1095) Notice: Undefined offset: 1095 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1097) Notice: Undefined offset: 1097 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1099) Notice: Undefined offset: 1099 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1101) Notice: Undefined offset: 1101 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1103) Notice: Undefined offset: 1103 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1105) Notice: Undefined offset: 1105 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1107) Notice: Undefined offset: 1107 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1109) Notice: Undefined offset: 1109 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1111) Notice: Undefined offset: 1111 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1113) Notice: Undefined offset: 1113 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1115) Notice: Undefined offset: 1115 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1117) Notice: Undefined offset: 1117 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1119) Notice: Undefined offset: 1119 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1121) Notice: Undefined offset: 1121 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1123) Notice: Undefined offset: 1123 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1125) Notice: Undefined offset: 1125 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1127) Notice: Undefined offset: 1127 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1129) Notice: Undefined offset: 1129 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1131) Notice: Undefined offset: 1131 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1133) Notice: Undefined offset: 1133 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1135) Notice: Undefined offset: 1135 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1137) Notice: Undefined offset: 1137 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1139) Notice: Undefined offset: 1139 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1141) Notice: Undefined offset: 1141 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1143) Notice: Undefined offset: 1143 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1145) Notice: Undefined offset: 1145 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1147) Notice: Undefined offset: 1147 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1149) Notice: Undefined offset: 1149 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1151) Notice: Undefined offset: 1151 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1153) Notice: Undefined offset: 1153 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1155) Notice: Undefined offset: 1155 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1157) Notice: Undefined offset: 1157 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1159) Notice: Undefined offset: 1159 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1161) Notice: Undefined offset: 1161 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1163) Notice: Undefined offset: 1163 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1165) Notice: Undefined offset: 1165 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1167) Notice: Undefined offset: 1167 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1169) Notice: Undefined offset: 1169 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1171) Notice: Undefined offset: 1171 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1173) Notice: Undefined offset: 1173 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1175) Notice: Undefined offset: 1175 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1177) Notice: Undefined offset: 1177 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1179) Notice: Undefined offset: 1179 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1181) Notice: Undefined offset: 1181 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1183) Notice: Undefined offset: 1183 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1185) Notice: Undefined offset: 1185 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1187) Notice: Undefined offset: 1187 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1189) Notice: Undefined offset: 1189 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1191) Notice: Undefined offset: 1191 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1193) Notice: Undefined offset: 1193 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1195) Notice: Undefined offset: 1195 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1197) Notice: Undefined offset: 1197 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1199) Notice: Undefined offset: 1199 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1201) Notice: Undefined offset: 1201 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1203) Notice: Undefined offset: 1203 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1205) Notice: Undefined offset: 1205 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1207) Notice: Undefined offset: 1207 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1209) Notice: Undefined offset: 1209 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1211) Notice: Undefined offset: 1211 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1213) Notice: Undefined offset: 1213 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1215) Notice: Undefined offset: 1215 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1217) Notice: Undefined offset: 1217 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1219) Notice: Undefined offset: 1219 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1221) Notice: Undefined offset: 1221 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1223) Notice: Undefined offset: 1223 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1225) Notice: Undefined offset: 1225 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1227) Notice: Undefined offset: 1227 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1229) Notice: Undefined offset: 1229 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1231) Notice: Undefined offset: 1231 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1233) Notice: Undefined offset: 1233 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1235) Notice: Undefined offset: 1235 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1237) Notice: Undefined offset: 1237 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1239) Notice: Undefined offset: 1239 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1241) Notice: Undefined offset: 1241 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1243) Notice: Undefined offset: 1243 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1245) Notice: Undefined offset: 1245 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1247) Notice: Undefined offset: 1247 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1249) Notice: Undefined offset: 1249 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1251) Notice: Undefined offset: 1251 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1253) Notice: Undefined offset: 1253 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1255) Notice: Undefined offset: 1255 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1257) Notice: Undefined offset: 1257 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1259) Notice: Undefined offset: 1259 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1261) Notice: Undefined offset: 1261 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1263) Notice: Undefined offset: 1263 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1265) Notice: Undefined offset: 1265 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1267) Notice: Undefined offset: 1267 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1269) Notice: Undefined offset: 1269 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1271) Notice: Undefined offset: 1271 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1273) Notice: Undefined offset: 1273 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1275) Notice: Undefined offset: 1275 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1277) Notice: Undefined offset: 1277 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1279) Notice: Undefined offset: 1279 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1281) Notice: Undefined offset: 1281 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1283) Notice: Undefined offset: 1283 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1285) Notice: Undefined offset: 1285 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1287) Notice: Undefined offset: 1287 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1289) Notice: Undefined offset: 1289 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1291) Notice: Undefined offset: 1291 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1293) Notice: Undefined offset: 1293 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1295) Notice: Undefined offset: 1295 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1297) Notice: Undefined offset: 1297 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1299) Notice: Undefined offset: 1299 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1301) Notice: Undefined offset: 1301 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1303) Notice: Undefined offset: 1303 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1305) Notice: Undefined offset: 1305 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1307) Notice: Undefined offset: 1307 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1309) Notice: Undefined offset: 1309 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1311) Notice: Undefined offset: 1311 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1313) Notice: Undefined offset: 1313 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1315) Notice: Undefined offset: 1315 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1317) Notice: Undefined offset: 1317 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1319) Notice: Undefined offset: 1319 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1321) Notice: Undefined offset: 1321 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1323) Notice: Undefined offset: 1323 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1325) Notice: Undefined offset: 1325 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1327) Notice: Undefined offset: 1327 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1329) Notice: Undefined offset: 1329 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1331) Notice: Undefined offset: 1331 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1333) Notice: Undefined offset: 1333 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1335) Notice: Undefined offset: 1335 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1337) Notice: Undefined offset: 1337 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1339) Notice: Undefined offset: 1339 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1341) Notice: Undefined offset: 1341 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1343) Notice: Undefined offset: 1343 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1345) Notice: Undefined offset: 1345 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1347) Notice: Undefined offset: 1347 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1349) Notice: Undefined offset: 1349 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1351) Notice: Undefined offset: 1351 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1353) Notice: Undefined offset: 1353 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1355) Notice: Undefined offset: 1355 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1357) Notice: Undefined offset: 1357 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1359) Notice: Undefined offset: 1359 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1361) Notice: Undefined offset: 1361 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1363) Notice: Undefined offset: 1363 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1365) Notice: Undefined offset: 1365 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1367) Notice: Undefined offset: 1367 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1369) Notice: Undefined offset: 1369 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1371) Notice: Undefined offset: 1371 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1373) Notice: Undefined offset: 1373 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1375) Notice: Undefined offset: 1375 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1377) Notice: Undefined offset: 1377 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1379) Notice: Undefined offset: 1379 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1381) Notice: Undefined offset: 1381 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1383) Notice: Undefined offset: 1383 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1385) Notice: Undefined offset: 1385 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1387) Notice: Undefined offset: 1387 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1389) Notice: Undefined offset: 1389 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1391) Notice: Undefined offset: 1391 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1393) Notice: Undefined offset: 1393 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1395) Notice: Undefined offset: 1395 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1397) Notice: Undefined offset: 1397 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1399) Notice: Undefined offset: 1399 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1401) Notice: Undefined offset: 1401 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1403) Notice: Undefined offset: 1403 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1405) Notice: Undefined offset: 1405 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1407) Notice: Undefined offset: 1407 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1409) Notice: Undefined offset: 1409 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1411) Notice: Undefined offset: 1411 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1413) Notice: Undefined offset: 1413 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1415) Notice: Undefined offset: 1415 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1417) Notice: Undefined offset: 1417 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1419) Notice: Undefined offset: 1419 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1421) Notice: Undefined offset: 1421 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1423) Notice: Undefined offset: 1423 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1425) Notice: Undefined offset: 1425 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1427) Notice: Undefined offset: 1427 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1429) Notice: Undefined offset: 1429 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1431) Notice: Undefined offset: 1431 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1433) Notice: Undefined offset: 1433 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1435) Notice: Undefined offset: 1435 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1437) Notice: Undefined offset: 1437 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1439) Notice: Undefined offset: 1439 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1441) Notice: Undefined offset: 1441 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1443) Notice: Undefined offset: 1443 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1445) Notice: Undefined offset: 1445 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1447) Notice: Undefined offset: 1447 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1449) Notice: Undefined offset: 1449 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1451) Notice: Undefined offset: 1451 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1453) Notice: Undefined offset: 1453 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1455) Notice: Undefined offset: 1455 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1457) Notice: Undefined offset: 1457 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1459) Notice: Undefined offset: 1459 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1461) Notice: Undefined offset: 1461 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1463) Notice: Undefined offset: 1463 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1465) Notice: Undefined offset: 1465 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1467) Notice: Undefined offset: 1467 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1469) Notice: Undefined offset: 1469 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1471) Notice: Undefined offset: 1471 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1473) Notice: Undefined offset: 1473 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1475) Notice: Undefined offset: 1475 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1477) Notice: Undefined offset: 1477 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1479) Notice: Undefined offset: 1479 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1481) Notice: Undefined offset: 1481 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1483) Notice: Undefined offset: 1483 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1485) Notice: Undefined offset: 1485 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1487) Notice: Undefined offset: 1487 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1489) Notice: Undefined offset: 1489 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1491) Notice: Undefined offset: 1491 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1493) Notice: Undefined offset: 1493 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1495) Notice: Undefined offset: 1495 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1497) Notice: Undefined offset: 1497 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1499) Notice: Undefined offset: 1499 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1501) Notice: Undefined offset: 1501 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1503) Notice: Undefined offset: 1503 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1505) Notice: Undefined offset: 1505 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1507) Notice: Undefined offset: 1507 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1509) Notice: Undefined offset: 1509 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1511) Notice: Undefined offset: 1511 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1513) Notice: Undefined offset: 1513 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1515) Notice: Undefined offset: 1515 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1517) Notice: Undefined offset: 1517 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1519) Notice: Undefined offset: 1519 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1521) Notice: Undefined offset: 1521 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1523) Notice: Undefined offset: 1523 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1525) Notice: Undefined offset: 1525 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1527) Notice: Undefined offset: 1527 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1529) Notice: Undefined offset: 1529 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1531) Notice: Undefined offset: 1531 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1533) Notice: Undefined offset: 1533 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1535) Notice: Undefined offset: 1535 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1537) Notice: Undefined offset: 1537 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1539) Notice: Undefined offset: 1539 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1541) Notice: Undefined offset: 1541 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1543) Notice: Undefined offset: 1543 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1545) Notice: Undefined offset: 1545 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1547) Notice: Undefined offset: 1547 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1549) Notice: Undefined offset: 1549 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1551) Notice: Undefined offset: 1551 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1553) Notice: Undefined offset: 1553 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1555) Notice: Undefined offset: 1555 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1557) Notice: Undefined offset: 1557 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1559) Notice: Undefined offset: 1559 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1561) Notice: Undefined offset: 1561 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1563) Notice: Undefined offset: 1563 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1565) Notice: Undefined offset: 1565 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1567) Notice: Undefined offset: 1567 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1569) Notice: Undefined offset: 1569 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1571) Notice: Undefined offset: 1571 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1573) Notice: Undefined offset: 1573 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1575) Notice: Undefined offset: 1575 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1577) Notice: Undefined offset: 1577 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1579) Notice: Undefined offset: 1579 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1581) Notice: Undefined offset: 1581 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1583) Notice: Undefined offset: 1583 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1585) Notice: Undefined offset: 1585 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1587) Notice: Undefined offset: 1587 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1589) Notice: Undefined offset: 1589 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1591) Notice: Undefined offset: 1591 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1593) Notice: Undefined offset: 1593 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1595) Notice: Undefined offset: 1595 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1597) Notice: Undefined offset: 1597 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1599) Notice: Undefined offset: 1599 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1601) Notice: Undefined offset: 1601 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1603) Notice: Undefined offset: 1603 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1605) Notice: Undefined offset: 1605 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1607) Notice: Undefined offset: 1607 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1609) Notice: Undefined offset: 1609 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1611) Notice: Undefined offset: 1611 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1613) Notice: Undefined offset: 1613 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1615) Notice: Undefined offset: 1615 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1617) Notice: Undefined offset: 1617 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1619) Notice: Undefined offset: 1619 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1621) Notice: Undefined offset: 1621 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1623) Notice: Undefined offset: 1623 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1625) Notice: Undefined offset: 1625 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1627) Notice: Undefined offset: 1627 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1629) Notice: Undefined offset: 1629 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1631) Notice: Undefined offset: 1631 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1633) Notice: Undefined offset: 1633 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1635) Notice: Undefined offset: 1635 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1637) Notice: Undefined offset: 1637 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1639) Notice: Undefined offset: 1639 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1641) Notice: Undefined offset: 1641 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1643) Notice: Undefined offset: 1643 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1645) Notice: Undefined offset: 1645 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1647) Notice: Undefined offset: 1647 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1649) Notice: Undefined offset: 1649 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1651) Notice: Undefined offset: 1651 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1653) Notice: Undefined offset: 1653 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1655) Notice: Undefined offset: 1655 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1657) Notice: Undefined offset: 1657 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1659) Notice: Undefined offset: 1659 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1661) Notice: Undefined offset: 1661 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1663) Notice: Undefined offset: 1663 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1665) Notice: Undefined offset: 1665 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1667) Notice: Undefined offset: 1667 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1669) Notice: Undefined offset: 1669 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1671) Notice: Undefined offset: 1671 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1673) Notice: Undefined offset: 1673 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1675) Notice: Undefined offset: 1675 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1677) Notice: Undefined offset: 1677 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1679) Notice: Undefined offset: 1679 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1681) Notice: Undefined offset: 1681 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1683) Notice: Undefined offset: 1683 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1685) Notice: Undefined offset: 1685 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1687) Notice: Undefined offset: 1687 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1689) Notice: Undefined offset: 1689 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1691) Notice: Undefined offset: 1691 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1693) Notice: Undefined offset: 1693 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1695) Notice: Undefined offset: 1695 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1697) Notice: Undefined offset: 1697 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1699) Notice: Undefined offset: 1699 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1701) Notice: Undefined offset: 1701 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1703) Notice: Undefined offset: 1703 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1705) Notice: Undefined offset: 1705 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1707) Notice: Undefined offset: 1707 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1709) Notice: Undefined offset: 1709 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1711) Notice: Undefined offset: 1711 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1713) Notice: Undefined offset: 1713 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1715) Notice: Undefined offset: 1715 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1717) Notice: Undefined offset: 1717 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1719) Notice: Undefined offset: 1719 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1721) Notice: Undefined offset: 1721 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1723) Notice: Undefined offset: 1723 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1725) Notice: Undefined offset: 1725 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1727) Notice: Undefined offset: 1727 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1729) Notice: Undefined offset: 1729 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1731) Notice: Undefined offset: 1731 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1733) Notice: Undefined offset: 1733 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1735) Notice: Undefined offset: 1735 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1737) Notice: Undefined offset: 1737 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1739) Notice: Undefined offset: 1739 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1741) Notice: Undefined offset: 1741 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1743) Notice: Undefined offset: 1743 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1745) Notice: Undefined offset: 1745 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1747) Notice: Undefined offset: 1747 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1749) Notice: Undefined offset: 1749 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1751) Notice: Undefined offset: 1751 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1753) Notice: Undefined offset: 1753 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1755) Notice: Undefined offset: 1755 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1757) Notice: Undefined offset: 1757 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1759) Notice: Undefined offset: 1759 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1761) Notice: Undefined offset: 1761 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1763) Notice: Undefined offset: 1763 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1765) Notice: Undefined offset: 1765 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1767) Notice: Undefined offset: 1767 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1769) Notice: Undefined offset: 1769 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1771) Notice: Undefined offset: 1771 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1773) Notice: Undefined offset: 1773 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1775) Notice: Undefined offset: 1775 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1777) Notice: Undefined offset: 1777 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1779) Notice: Undefined offset: 1779 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1781) Notice: Undefined offset: 1781 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1783) Notice: Undefined offset: 1783 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1785) Notice: Undefined offset: 1785 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1787) Notice: Undefined offset: 1787 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1789) Notice: Undefined offset: 1789 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1791) Notice: Undefined offset: 1791 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1793) Notice: Undefined offset: 1793 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1795) Notice: Undefined offset: 1795 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1797) Notice: Undefined offset: 1797 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1799) Notice: Undefined offset: 1799 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1801) Notice: Undefined offset: 1801 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1803) Notice: Undefined offset: 1803 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1805) Notice: Undefined offset: 1805 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1807) Notice: Undefined offset: 1807 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1809) Notice: Undefined offset: 1809 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1811) Notice: Undefined offset: 1811 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1813) Notice: Undefined offset: 1813 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1815) Notice: Undefined offset: 1815 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1817) Notice: Undefined offset: 1817 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1819) Notice: Undefined offset: 1819 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1821) Notice: Undefined offset: 1821 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1823) Notice: Undefined offset: 1823 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1825) Notice: Undefined offset: 1825 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1827) Notice: Undefined offset: 1827 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1829) Notice: Undefined offset: 1829 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1831) Notice: Undefined offset: 1831 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1833) Notice: Undefined offset: 1833 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1835) Notice: Undefined offset: 1835 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1837) Notice: Undefined offset: 1837 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1839) Notice: Undefined offset: 1839 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1841) Notice: Undefined offset: 1841 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1843) Notice: Undefined offset: 1843 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1845) Notice: Undefined offset: 1845 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1847) Notice: Undefined offset: 1847 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1849) Notice: Undefined offset: 1849 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1851) Notice: Undefined offset: 1851 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1853) Notice: Undefined offset: 1853 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1855) Notice: Undefined offset: 1855 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1857) Notice: Undefined offset: 1857 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1859) Notice: Undefined offset: 1859 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1861) Notice: Undefined offset: 1861 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1863) Notice: Undefined offset: 1863 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1865) Notice: Undefined offset: 1865 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1867) Notice: Undefined offset: 1867 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1869) Notice: Undefined offset: 1869 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1871) Notice: Undefined offset: 1871 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1873) Notice: Undefined offset: 1873 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1875) Notice: Undefined offset: 1875 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1877) Notice: Undefined offset: 1877 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1879) Notice: Undefined offset: 1879 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1881) Notice: Undefined offset: 1881 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1883) Notice: Undefined offset: 1883 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1885) Notice: Undefined offset: 1885 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1887) Notice: Undefined offset: 1887 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1889) Notice: Undefined offset: 1889 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1891) Notice: Undefined offset: 1891 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1893) Notice: Undefined offset: 1893 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1895) Notice: Undefined offset: 1895 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1897) Notice: Undefined offset: 1897 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1899) Notice: Undefined offset: 1899 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1901) Notice: Undefined offset: 1901 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1903) Notice: Undefined offset: 1903 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1905) Notice: Undefined offset: 1905 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1907) Notice: Undefined offset: 1907 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1909) Notice: Undefined offset: 1909 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1911) Notice: Undefined offset: 1911 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1913) Notice: Undefined offset: 1913 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1915) Notice: Undefined offset: 1915 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1917) Notice: Undefined offset: 1917 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1919) Notice: Undefined offset: 1919 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1921) Notice: Undefined offset: 1921 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1923) Notice: Undefined offset: 1923 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1925) Notice: Undefined offset: 1925 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1927) Notice: Undefined offset: 1927 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1929) Notice: Undefined offset: 1929 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1931) Notice: Undefined offset: 1931 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1933) Notice: Undefined offset: 1933 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1935) Notice: Undefined offset: 1935 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1937) Notice: Undefined offset: 1937 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1939) Notice: Undefined offset: 1939 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1941) Notice: Undefined offset: 1941 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1943) Notice: Undefined offset: 1943 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1945) Notice: Undefined offset: 1945 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1947) Notice: Undefined offset: 1947 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1949) Notice: Undefined offset: 1949 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1951) Notice: Undefined offset: 1951 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1953) Notice: Undefined offset: 1953 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1955) Notice: Undefined offset: 1955 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1957) Notice: Undefined offset: 1957 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1959) Notice: Undefined offset: 1959 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1961) Notice: Undefined offset: 1961 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1963) Notice: Undefined offset: 1963 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1965) Notice: Undefined offset: 1965 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1967) Notice: Undefined offset: 1967 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1969) Notice: Undefined offset: 1969 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1971) Notice: Undefined offset: 1971 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1973) Notice: Undefined offset: 1973 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1975) Notice: Undefined offset: 1975 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1977) Notice: Undefined offset: 1977 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1979) Notice: Undefined offset: 1979 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1981) Notice: Undefined offset: 1981 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1983) Notice: Undefined offset: 1983 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1985) Notice: Undefined offset: 1985 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1987) Notice: Undefined offset: 1987 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1989) Notice: Undefined offset: 1989 in /in/um5M5 on line
Process exited with code 137.
Output for hhvm-3.10.0 - 3.12.0
int(0) 24 int(2) 26 int(4) 28 int(999) int(999) Notice: Undefined index: 999 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1001) Notice: Undefined index: 1001 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1003) Notice: Undefined index: 1003 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1005) Notice: Undefined index: 1005 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1007) Notice: Undefined index: 1007 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1009) Notice: Undefined index: 1009 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1011) Notice: Undefined index: 1011 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1013) Notice: Undefined index: 1013 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1015) Notice: Undefined index: 1015 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1017) Notice: Undefined index: 1017 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1019) Notice: Undefined index: 1019 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1021) Notice: Undefined index: 1021 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1023) Notice: Undefined index: 1023 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1025) Notice: Undefined index: 1025 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1027) Notice: Undefined index: 1027 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1029) Notice: Undefined index: 1029 in /in/um5M5 on line 7 int(1031) int(1033) int(1035) int(1037) int(1039) int(1041) int(1043) int(1045) int(1047) int(1049) int(1051) int(1053) int(1055) int(1057) int(1059) int(1061) int(1063) int(1065) int(1067) int(1069) int(1071) int(1073) int(1075) int(1077) int(1079) int(1081) int(1083) int(1085) int(1087) int(1089) int(1091) int(1093) int(1095) int(1097) int(1099) int(1101) int(1103) int(1105) int(1107) int(1109) int(1111) int(1113) int(1115) int(1117) int(1119) int(1121) int(1123) int(1125) int(1127) int(1129) int(1131) int(1133) int(1135) int(1137) int(1139) int(1141) int(1143) int(1145) int(1147) int(1149) int(1151) int(1153) int(1155) int(1157) int(1159) int(1161) int(1163) int(1165) int(1167) int(1169) int(1171) int(1173) int(1175) int(1177) int(1179) int(1181) int(1183) int(1185) int(1187) int(1189) int(1191) int(1193) int(1195) int(1197) int(1199) int(1201) int(1203) int(1205) int(1207) int(1209) int(1211) int(1213) int(1215) int(1217) int(1219) int(1221) int(1223) int(1225) int(1227) int(1229) int(1231) int(1233) int(1235) int(1237) int(1239) int(1241) int(1243) int(1245) int(1247) int(1249) int(1251) int(1253) int(1255) int(1257) int(1259) int(1261) int(1263) int(1265) int(1267) int(1269) int(1271) int(1273) int(1275) int(1277) int(1279) int(1281) int(1283) int(1285) int(1287) int(1289) int(1291) int(1293) int(1295) int(1297) int(1299) int(1301) int(1303) int(1305) int(1307) int(1309) int(1311) int(1313) int(1315) int(1317) int(1319) int(1321) int(1323) int(1325) int(1327) int(1329) int(1331) int(1333) int(1335) int(1337) int(1339) int(1341) int(1343) int(1345) int(1347) int(1349) int(1351) int(1353) int(1355) int(1357) int(1359) int(1361) int(1363) int(1365) int(1367) int(1369) int(1371) int(1373) int(1375) int(1377) int(1379) int(1381) int(1383) int(1385) int(1387) int(1389) int(1391) int(1393) int(1395) int(1397) int(1399) int(1401) int(1403) int(1405) int(1407) int(1409) int(1411) int(1413) int(1415) int(1417) int(1419) int(1421) int(1423) int(1425) int(1427) int(1429) int(1431) int(1433) int(1435) int(1437) int(1439) int(1441) int(1443) int(1445) int(1447) int(1449) int(1451) int(1453) int(1455) int(1457) int(1459) int(1461) int(1463) int(1465) int(1467) int(1469) int(1471) int(1473) int(1475) int(1477) int(1479) int(1481) int(1483) int(1485) int(1487) int(1489) int(1491) int(1493) int(1495) int(1497) int(1499) int(1501) int(1503) int(1505) int(1507) int(1509) int(1511) int(1513) int(1515) int(1517) int(1519) int(1521) int(1523) int(1525) int(1527) int(1529) int(1531) int(1533) int(1535) int(1537) int(1539) int(1541) int(1543) int(1545) int(1547) int(1549) int(1551) int(1553) int(1555) int(1557) int(1559) int(1561) int(1563) int(1565) int(1567) int(1569) int(1571) int(1573) int(1575) int(1577) int(1579) int(1581) int(1583) int(1585) int(1587) int(1589) int(1591) int(1593) int(1595) int(1597) int(1599) int(1601) int(1603) int(1605) int(1607) int(1609) int(1611) int(1613) int(1615) int(1617) int(1619) int(1621) int(1623) int(1625) int(1627) int(1629) int(1631) int(1633) int(1635) int(1637) int(1639) int(1641) int(1643) int(1645) int(1647) int(1649) int(1651) int(1653) int(1655) int(1657) int(1659) int(1661) int(1663) int(1665) int(1667) int(1669) int(1671) int(1673) int(1675) int(1677) int(1679) int(1681) int(1683) int(1685) int(1687) int(1689) int(1691) int(1693) int(1695) int(1697) int(1699) int(1701) int(1703) int(1705) int(1707) int(1709) int(1711) int(1713) int(1715) int(1717) int(1719) int(1721) int(1723) int(1725) int(1727) int(1729) int(1731) int(1733) int(1735) int(1737) int(1739) int(1741) int(1743) int(1745) int(1747) int(1749) int(1751) int(1753) int(1755) int(1757) int(1759) int(1761) int(1763) int(1765) int(1767) int(1769) int(1771) int(1773) int(1775) int(1777) int(1779) int(1781) int(1783) int(1785) int(1787) int(1789) int(1791) int(1793) int(1795) int(1797) int(1799) int(1801) int(1803) int(1805) int(1807) int(1809) int(1811) int(1813) int(1815) int(1817) int(1819) int(1821) int(1823) int(1825) int(1827) int(1829) int(1831) int(1833) int(1835) int(1837) int(1839) int(1841) int(1843) int(1845) int(1847) int(1849) int(1851) int(1853) int(1855) int(1857) int(1859) int(1861) int(1863) int(1865) int(1867) int(1869) int(1871) int(1873) int(1875) int(1877) int(1879) int(1881) int(1883) int(1885) int(1887) int(1889) int(1891) int(1893) int(1895) int(1897) int(1899) int(1901) int(1903) int(1905) int(1907) int(1909) int(1911) int(1913) int(1915) int(1917) int(1919) int(1921) int(1923) int(1925) int(1927) int(1929) int(1931) int(1933) int(1935) int(1937) int(1939) int(1941) int(1943) int(1945) int(1947) int(1949) int(1951) int(1953) int(1955) int(1957) int(1959) int(1961) int(1963) int(1965) int(1967) int(1969) int(1971) int(1973) int(1975) int(1977) int(1979) int(1981) int(1983) int(1985) int(1987) int(1989) int(1991) int(1993) int(1995) int(1997) int(1999) int(2001) int(2003) int(2005) int(2007) int(2009) int(2011) int(2013) int(2015) int(2017) int(2019) int(2021) int(2023) int(2025) int(2027) int(2029) int(2031) int(2033) int(2035) int(2037) int(2039) int(2041) int(2043) int(2045) int(2047) int(2049) int(2051) int(2053) int(2055) int(2057) int(2059) int(2061) int(2063) int(2065) int(2067) int(2069) int(2071) int(2073) int(2075) int(2077) int(2079) int(2081) int(2083) int(2085) int(2087) int(2089) int(2091) int(2093) int(2095) int(2097) int(2099) int(2101) int(2103) int(2105) int(2107) int(2109) int(2111) int(2113) int(2115) int(2117) int(2119) int(2121) int(2123) int(2125) int(2127) int(2129) int(2131) int(2133) int(2135) int(2137) int(2139) int(2141) int(2143) int(2145) int(2147) int(2149) int(2151) int(2153) int(2155) int(2157) int(2159) int(2161) int(2163) int(2165) int(2167) int(2169) int(2171) int(2173) int(2175) int(2177) int(2179) int(2181) int(2183) int(2185) int(2187) int(2189) int(2191) int(2193) int(2195) int(2197) int(2199) int(2201) int(2203) int(2205) int(2207) int(2209) int(2211) int(2213) int(2215) int(2217) int(2219) 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int(4621) int(4623) int(4625) int(4627) int(4629) int(4631) int(4633) int(4635) int(4637) int(4639) int(4641) int(4643) int(4645) int(4647) int(4649) int(4651) int(4653) int(4655) int(4657) int(4659) int(4661) int(4663) int(4665) int(4667) int(4669) int(4671) int(4673) int(4675) int(4677) int(4679) int(4681) int(4683) int(4685) int(4687) int(4689) int(4691) int(4693) int(4695) int(4697) int(4699) int(4701) int(4703) int(4705) int(4707) int(4709) int(4711) int(4713) int(4715) int(4717) int(4719) int(4721) int(4723) int(4725) int(4727) int(4729) int(4731) int(4733) int(4735) int(4737) int(4739) int(4741) int(4743) int(4745) int(4747) int(4749) int(4751) int(4753) int(4755) int(4757) int(4759) int(4761) int(4763) int(4765) int(4767) int(4769) int(4771) int(4773) int(4775) int(4777) int(4779) int(4781) int(4783) int(4785) int(4787) int(4789) int(4791) int(4793) int(4795) int(4797) int(4799) int(4801) int(4803) int(4805) int(4807) int(4809) int(4811) int(4813) int(4815) int(4817) int(4819) int(4821) int(4823) int(4825) int(4827) int(4829) int(4831) int(4833) int(4835) int(4837) int(4839) int(4841) int(4843) int(4845) int(4847) int(4849) int(4851) int(4853) int(4855) int(4857) int(4859) int(4861) int(4863) int(4865) int(4867) int(4869) int(4871) int(4873) int(4875) int(4877) int(4879) int(4881) int(4883) int(4885) int(4887) int(4889) int(4891) int(4893) int(4895) int(4897) int(4899) int(4901) int(4903) int(4905) int(4907) int(4909) int(4911) int(4913) int(4915) int(4917) int(4919) int(4921) int(4923) int(4925) int(4927) int(4929) int(4931) int(4933) int(4935) int(4937) int(4939) int(4941) int(4943) int(4945) int(4947) int(4949) int(4951) int(4953) int(4955) int(4957) int(4959) int(4961) int(4963) int(4965) int(4967) int(4969) int(4971) int(4973) int(4975) int(4977) int(4979) int(4981) int(4983) int(4985) int(4987) int(4989) int(4991) int(4993) int(4995) int(4997) int(4999) int(5001) int(5003) int(5005) int(5007) int(5009) int(5011) int(5013) int(5015) int(5017) int(5019) int(5021) int(5023) int(5025) int(5027) int(5029) int(5031) int(5033) int(5035) int(5037) int(5039) int(5041) int(5043) int(5045) int(5047) int(5049) int(5051) int(5053) int(5055) int(5057) int(5059) int(5061) int(5063) int(5065) int(5067) int(5069) int(5071) int(5073) int(5075) int(5077) int(5079) int(5081) int(5083) int(5085) int(5087) int(5089) int(5091) int(5093) int(5095) int(5097) int(5099) int(5101) int(5103) int(5105) int(5107) int(5109) int(5111) int(5113) int(5115) int(5117) int(5119) int(5121) int(5123) int(5125) int(5127) int(5129) int(5131) int(5133) int(5135) int(5137) int(5139) int(5141) int(5143) int(5145) int(5147) int(5149) int(5151) int(5153) int(5155) int(5157) int(5159) int(5161) int(5163) int(5165) int(5167) int(5169) int(5171) int(5173) int(5175) int(5177) int(5179) int(5181) int(5183) int(5185) int(5187) int(5189) int(5191) int(5193) int(5195) int(5197) int(5199) int(5201) int(5203) int(5205) int(5207) int(5209) int(5211) int(5213) int(5215) int(5217) int(5219) int(5221) int(5223) int(5225) int(5227) int(5229) int(5231) int(5233) int(5235) int(5237) int(5239) int(5241) int(5243) int(5245) int(5247) int(5249) int(5251) int(5253) int(5255) int(5257) int(5259) int(5261) int(5263) int(5265) int(5267) int(5269) int(5271) int(5273) int(5275) int(5277) int(5279) int(5281) int(5283) int(5285) int(5287) int(5289) int(5291) int(5293) int(5295) int(5297) int(5299) int(5301) int(5303) int(5305) int(5307) int(5309) int(5311) int(5313) int(5315) int(5317) int(5319) int(5321) int(5323) int(5325) int(5327) int(5329) int(5331) int(5333) int(5335) int(5337) int(5339) int(5341) int(5343) int(5345) int(5347) int(5349) int(5351) int(5353) int(5355) int(5357) int(5359) int(5361) int(5363) int(5365) int(5367) int(5369) int(5371) int(5373) int(5375) int(5377) int(5379) int(5381) int(5383) int(5385) int(5387) int(5389) int(5391) int(5393) int(5395) int(5397) int(5399) int(5401) int(5403) int(5405) int(5407) int(5409) int(5411) int(5413) int(5415) int(5417) int(5419) int(5421) int(5423) int(5425) int(5427) int(5429) int(5431) int(5433) int(5435) int(5437) int(5439) int(5441) int(5443) int(5445) int(5447) int(5449) int(5451) int(5453) int(5455) int(5457) int(5459) int(5461) int(5463) int(5465) int(5467) int(5469) int(5471) int(5473) int(5475) int(5477) int(5479) int(5481) int(5483) int(5485) int(5487) int(5489) int(5491) int(5493) int(5495) int(5497) int(5499) int(5501) int(5503) int(5505) int(5507) int(5509) int(5511) int(5513) int(5515) int(5517) int(5519) int(5521) int(5523) int(5525) int(5527) int(5529) int(5531) int(5533) int(5535) int(5537) int(5539) int(5541) int(5543) int(5545) int(5547) int(5549) int(5551) int(5553) int(5555) int(5557) int(5559) int(5561) int(5563) int(5565) int(5567) int(5569) int(5571) int(5573) int(5575) int(5577) int(5579) int(5581) int(5583) int(5585) int(5587) int(5589) int(5591) int(5593) int(5595) int(5597) int(5599) int(5601) int(5603) int(5605) int(5607) int(5609) int(5611) int(5613) int(5615) int(5617) int(5619) int(5621) int(5623) int(5625) int(5627) int(5629) int(5631) int(5633) int(5635) int(5637) int(5639) int(5641) int(5643) int(5645) int(5647) int(5649) int(5651) int(5653) int(5655) int(5657) int(5659) int(5661) int(5663) int(5665) int(5667) int(5669) int(5671) int(5673) int(5675) int(5677) int(5679) int(5681) int(5683) int(5685) int(5687) int(5689) int(5691) int(5693) int(5695) int(5697) int(5699) int(5701) int(5703) int(5705) int(5707) int(5709) int(5711) int(5713) int(5715) int(5717) int(5719) int(5721) int(5723) int(5725) int(5727) int(5729) int(5731) int(5733) int(5735) int(5737) int(5739) int(5741) int(5743) int(5745) int(5747) int(5749) int(5751) int(5753) int(5755) int(5757) int(5759) int(5761) int(5763) int(5765) int(5767) int(5769) int(5771) int(5773) int(5775) int(5777) int(5779) int(5781) int(5783) int(5785) int(5787) int(5789) int(5791) int(5793) int(5795) int(5797) int(5799) int(5801) int(5803) int(5805) int(5807) int(5809) int(5811) int(5813) int(5815) int(5817) int(5819) int(5821) int(5823) int(5825) int(5827) int(5829) int(5831) int(5833) int(5835) int(5837) int(5839) int(5841) int(5843) int(5845) int(5847) int(5849) int(5851) int(5853) int(5855) int(5857) int(5859) int(5861) int(5863) int(5865) int(5867) int(5869) int(5871) int(5873) int(5875) int(5877) int(5879) int(5881) int(5883) int(5885) int(5887) int(5889) int(5891) int(5893) int(5895) int(5897) int(5899) int(5901) int(5903) int(5905) int(5907) int(5909) int(5911) int(5913) int(5915) int(5917) int(5919) int(5921) int(5923) int(5925) int(5927) int(5929) int(5931) int(5933) int(5935) int(5937) int(5939) int(5941) int(5943) int(5945) int(5947) int(5949) int(5951) int(5953) int(5955) int(5957) int(5959) int(5961) int(5963) int(5965) int(5967) int(5969) int(5971) int(5973) int(5975) int(5977) int(5979) int(5981) int(5983) int(5985) int(5987) int(5989) int(5991) int(5993) int(5995) int(5997) int(5999) int(6001) int(6003) int(6005) int(6007) int(6009) int(6011) int(6013) int(6015) int(6017) int(6019) int(6021) int(6023) int(6025) int(6027) int(6029) int(6031) int(6033) int(6035) int(6037) int(6039) int(6041) int(6043) int(6045) int(6047) int(6049) int(6051) int(6053) int(6055) int(6057) int(6059) int(6061) int(6063) int(6065) int(6067) int(6069) int(6071) int(6073) int(6075) int(6077) int(6079) int(6081) int(6083) int(6085) int(6087) int(6089) int(6091) int(6093) int(6095) int(6097) int(6099) int(6101) int(6103) int(6105) int(6107) int(6109) int(6111) int(6113) int(6115) int(6117) int(6119) int(6121) int(6123) int(6125) int(6127) int(6129) int(6131) int(6133) int(6135) int(6137) int(6139) int(6141) int(6143) int(6145) int(6147) int(6149) int(6151) int(6153) int(6155) int(6157) int(6159) int(6161) int(6163) int(6165) int(6167) int(6169) int(6171) int(6173) int(6175) int(6177) int(6179) int(6181) int(6183) int(6185) int(6187) int(6189) int(6191) int(6193) int(6195) int(6197) int(6199) int(6201) int(6203) int(6205) int(6207) int(6209) int(6211) int(6213) int(6215) int(6217) int(6219) int(6221) int(6223) int(6225) int(6227) int(6229) int(6231) int(6233) int(6235) int(6237) int(6239) int(6241) int(6243) int(6245) int(6247) int(6249) int(6251) int(6253) int(6255) int(6257) int(6259) int(6261) int(6263) int(6265) int(6267) int(6269) int(6271) int(6273) int(6275) int(6277) int(6279) int(6281) int(6283) int(6285) int(6287) int(6289) int(6291) int(6293) int(6295) int(6297) int(6299) int(6301) int(6303) int(6305) int(6307) int(6309) int(6311) int(6313) int(6315) int(6317) int(6319) int(6321) int(6323) int(6325) int(6327) int(6329) int(6331) int(6333) int(6335) int(6337) int(6339) int(6341) int(6343) int(6345) int(6347) int(6349) int(6351) int(6353) int(6355) int(6357) int(6359) int(6361) int(6363) int(6365) int(6367) int(6369) int(6371) int(6373) int(6375) int(6377) int(6379) int(6381) int(6383) int(6385) int(6387) int(6389) int(6391) int(6393) int(6395) int(6397) int(6399) int(6401) int(6403) int(6405) int(6407) int(6409) int(6411) int(6413) int(6415) int(6417) int(6419) int(6421) int(6423) int(6425) int(6427) int(6429) int(6431) int(6433) int(6435) int(6437) int(6439) int(6441) int(6443) int(6445) int(6447) int(6449) int(6451) int(6453) int(6455) int(6457) int(6459) int(6461) int(6463) int(6465) int(6467) int(6469) int(6471) int(6473) int(6475) int(6477) int(6479) int(6481) int(6483) int(6485) int(6487) int(6489) int(6491) int(6493) int(6495) int(6497) int(6499) int(6501) int(6503) int(6505) int(6507) int(6509) int(6511) int(6513) int(6515) int(6517) int(6519) int(6521) int(6523) int(6525) int(6527) int(6529) int(6531) int(6533) int(6535) int(6537) int(6539) int(6541) int(6543) int(6545) int(6547) int(6549) int(6551) int(6553) int(6555) int(6557) int(6559) int(6561) int(6563) int(6565) int(6567) int(6569) int(6571) int(6573) int(6575) int(6577) int(6579) int(6581) int(6583) int(6585) int(6587) int(6589) int(6591) int(6593) int(6595) int(6597) int(6599) int(6601) int(6603) int(6605) int(6607) int(6609) int(6611) int(6613) int(6615) int(6617) int(6619) int(6621) int(6623) int(6625) int(6627) int(6629) int(6631) int(6633) int(6635) int(6637) int(6639) int(6641) int(6643) int(6645) int(6647) int(6649) int(6651) int(6653) int(6655) int(6657) int(6659) int(6661) int(6663) int(6665) int(6667) int(6669) int(6671) int(6673) int(6675) int(6677) int(6679) int(6681) int(6683) int(6685) int(6687) int(6689) int(6691) int(6693) int(6695) int(6697) int(6699) int(6701) int(6703) int(6705) int(6707) int(6709) int(6711) int(6713) int(6715) int(6717) int(6719) int(6721) int(6723) int(6725) int(6727) int(6729) int(6731) int(6733) int(6735) int(6737) int(6739) int(6741) int(6743) int(6745) int(6747) int(6749) int(6751) int(6753) int(6755) int(6757) int(6759) int(6761) int(6763) int(6765) int(6767) int(6769) int(6771) int(6773) int(6775) int(6777) int(6779) int(6781) int(6783) int(6785) int(6787) int(6789) int(6791) i
Process exited with code 137.
Output for 5.4.0 - 5.4.45
Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '$ary' (T_VARIABLE) in /in/um5M5 on line 7
Process exited with code 255.
Output for 4.4.2 - 4.4.9, 5.1.0 - 5.3.29
Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '[' in /in/um5M5 on line 3
Process exited with code 255.
Output for 4.3.0 - 4.3.1, 4.3.5 - 4.4.1, 5.0.0 - 5.0.5
Parse error: parse error, unexpected '[' in /in/um5M5 on line 3
Process exited with code 255.
Output for 4.3.2 - 4.3.4
Parse error: parse error in /in/um5M5 on line 3
Process exited with code 255.