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<?php $str = '{Feel free to|Twenty-four hours a day|Do|Then|You can} stop on by, or {contact us|e mail us|call us|e-mail us|email us} about {your needs|your requirements|your preferences|the needs you have|your family needs}. {We look forward|Good quality} to {hearing from|talking with|listening to|meeting up with} you!'; echo preg_replace('/([^{}]*){[^|]+\|([^|]*).*?}([^{}]*)/', '$1$2$3', $str);
Output for 4.3.0 - 5.6.28, hhvm-3.10.0 - 3.12.0, 7.0.0 - 7.1.0
Twenty-four hours a day stop on by, or e mail us about your requirements. Good quality} to {hearing from you!