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<?php #CreatedBy;Aaron;11OCT2014;Odin-Framework class bolt_html { var $num_instances = 0; #This is an HTML form that allows you to update/edit database data. See options for their explination of what they do. function form($fields=NULL,$opts=NULL) { global $odin; $this->num_instances++; $instance = (isset($opts["instance"])?$opts["instance"]:"inst-".$this->num_instances); $o = array( "set_element" => "fieldset", #the "set" element, defaulted to <fieldset>. "set_class" => "", #string of all classes you want to put on each set element "wrap_element" => "ul", #the wrapping element, defaulted to <ul> "item_element" => "li", #each item's element, defaulted to <li> "new_set_on" => array(), #an array(field,..) of field names, when the code finds one of them, it will start a new set #with that field as the first element in the new set. "legends" => array(), #an array(string,..) of all legends to use. once the array ends, any remaining sets will be left with no legend #use a null value or blank string to skip fieldsets, if you need to "submit_text" => "Submit", #text of the submit button "instance" => $instance, #a unique instance (per page load) used in the field's name field to group them together #This auto-incriments if left blank. #If you leave it blank be careful to not change the number of forms called between each pageload "field_types" => array(), #an array(field=>select,field=>texarea) of field types (select, textarea, etc-). #This defaults to a type of "text" if unset for any fields "field_opts" => array(), #any field options (select <options>, or a checkbox/radio groups options) "hide_fields" => array(), #an array(field,..) of fields to hide (they will still be in your $_REQUEST ($_POST+$_GET) vars "headings" => array(), #an array(field=>string,..) of headings with "form_attrs" => array( #an array(attr=>value,..) of all form attributes "id" => $instance, #gives the form an id of its $instance "method" => "post", #post by default "action" => preg_split("/[\?]+/",$_SERVER["REQUEST_URI"],2)[0], #by default, use the current url, exlucing any $_GET variables. ), ); if($opts) { $o = $odin->array->ow_merge_r($o,$opts); } #if fields were not passed, return false if(!$fields) { return FALSE; } #create the dom object & elements $dom = new DOMDocument(); $form = $dom->createElement("form"); if(!empty($o["form_attrs"])) { foreach($o["form_attrs"] as $attr=>$value) { $form_attr = $dom->createAttribute($attr); $form_attr->value = $value; $form->appendChild($form_attr); } } #setup the elements (field)set & wrapper $set = $dom->createElement($o["set_element"]); $set_attr = $dom->createAttribute("class"); $set_count = 1; $set_attr->value = "elements set-".$set_count.(!empty($o["set_class"])?" $o[set_class]":FALSE); $set->appendChild($set_attr); if($o["legends"]) { $legend = $dom->createElement("legend",htmlentities(is_array($o["legends"])?array_shift($o["legends"]):$o["legends"])); $set->appendChild($legend); } $wrapper = $dom->createElement($o["wrap_element"]); $set->appendChild($wrapper); #append the submit button into this form, nested inside of its own div.buttons wrapper. $submit_wrap = $dom->createElement("div"); $attr = $dom->createAttribute("class"); $attr->value = "buttons"; $submit_wrap->appendChild($attr); $submit = $dom->createElement("button", htmlentities($o["submit_text"])); $submit_attr = $dom->createAttribute("type"); $submit_attr->value = "submit"; $submit->appendChild($submit_attr); $hidden_wrap = $dom->createElement($o["wrap_element"]); $attr = $dom->createAttribute("style"); $attr->value = "display:none;"; $hidden_wrap->appendChild($attr); $attr = $dom->createAttribute("class"); $attr->value = "hidden-elements"; $hidden_wrap->appendChild($attr); $submit_wrap->appendChild($submit); foreach($fields as $name=>$default) { #do we want to add a new (field)set before this field? if(!empty($o["new_set_on"]) && in_array($name, $o["new_set_on"])) { $form->appendChild($set); $set = $dom->createElement($o["set_element"]); $set_attr = $dom->createAttribute("class"); $set_count++; $set_attr->value = "elements set-".$set_count.(!empty($o["set_class"])?" $o[set_class]":FALSE); $set->appendChild($set_attr); if($o["legends"]) { $legend = $dom->createElement("legend",htmlentities(is_array($o["legends"])?array_shift($o["legends"]):$o["legends"])); $set->appendChild($legend); } $wrapper = $dom->createElement($o["wrap_element"]); $set->appendChild($wrapper); } #get this field's type $type = (isset($o["field_types"][$name])?$o["field_types"][$name]:"text"); #re/set this flag that says if this is one or many fields we're working with for this one "input". $multifields= FALSE; $label_last = FALSE; switch($type) { #catch-all for any field-types. default: #create a single input field $input = $dom->createElement("input"); break; #build out later case "label": case "hidden": case "disabled": break; #textareas case "textarea": $multifields = TRUE; $input = $dom->createElement("textarea",htmlentities($default)); #set a field name on the attribute $fname = $dom->createAttribute("name"); $fname->value = $instance.'['.$name.']'; $input->appendChild($fname); break; case "select": #does this input have multiple field options? if(empty($o["field_opts"][$name])) { $o["field_opts"][$name] = array(0=>"Please Select.."); } # $multifields = TRUE; #start a ul & give it a class of type-group $input = $dom->createElement("select"); $class = $dom->createAttribute("class"); $class->value = "$type-group"; $input->appendChild($class); #append name to this field $fname = $dom->createAttribute("name"); $fname->value = $instance.'['.$name.']'.($type=="checkbox"?"[]":FALSE); $input->appendChild($fname); #loop through all options add them to the ul foreach($o["field_opts"][$name] as $value=>$label) { $option = $dom->createElement("option",htmlentities($label)); #create the input field itself, then give it name, value, and type attributes. #field value $val = $dom->createAttribute("value"); $val->value = $value; $option->appendChild($val); #check it on if this option's value matches the field's default value. if($value==$default || (is_array($default) && in_array($value, $default))) { $checked = $dom->createAttribute("checked"); $checked->value = "checked"; $option->appendChild($checked); } $input->appendChild($option); } break; #add radio & checkboxes case "radio": case "checkbox": #does this input have multiple field options? if(!empty($o["field_opts"][$name])) { $multifields = TRUE; #start a ul & give it a class of type-group $input = $dom->createElement("ul"); $class = $dom->createAttribute("class"); $class->value = "$type-group"; $input->appendChild($class); #loop through all options add them to the ul foreach($o["field_opts"][$name] as $value=>$label) { $li = $dom->createElement("li"); #create the input field itself, then give it name, value, and type attributes. $field = $dom->createElement("input"); #field name $fname = $dom->createAttribute("name"); $fname->value = $instance.'['.$name.']'.($type=="checkbox"?"[]":FALSE); $field->appendChild($fname); #field value $val = $dom->createAttribute("value"); $val->value = $value; $field->appendChild($val); #field type $type_attr = $dom->createAttribute("type"); $type_attr->value = $type; $field->appendChild($type_attr); #check it on if this option's value matches the field's default value. if($value==$default || (is_array($default) && in_array($value, $default))) { $checked = $dom->createAttribute("checked"); $checked->value = "checked"; $field->appendChild($checked); } #create a <label> for this option $opt_label = $dom->createElement("label"); $name_span = $dom->createElement("span",htmlentities($label)); #add the input field to the label $opt_label->appendChild($field); #add the field-name (span) to the label $opt_label->appendChild($name_span); #add the label to the li $li->appendChild($opt_label); #add the li to the ul $input->appendChild($li); } } else { #This checkbox (or radio) only has one option $label_last = TRUE; #Create a single input field $input = $dom->createElement("input"); #If there is any default at all, check this field on. if(!empty($default)) { $checked = $dom->createAttribute("checked"); $checked->value = "checked"; $input->appendChild($checked); } } break; } #create the item-level wrapping element & give it appropriate classes $element = $dom->createElement($o["item_element"]); $el_class = $dom->createAttribute("class"); $el_class->value = "ft-$type f-$name"; $element->appendChild($el_class); #is this a single-field attribute? if(!$multifields) { #wrap everything in a label $label = $dom->createElement("label"); #set a field name on the attribute $fname = $dom->createAttribute("name"); $fname->value = $instance.'['.$name.']'; $input->appendChild($fname); #add the type attribute to the input field $type_attr = $dom->createAttribute("type"); $type_attr->value = $type; $input->appendChild($type_attr); #if there is a default value, set it here. if($default) { $dval = $dom->createAttribute("value"); $dval->value = $default; $input->appendChild($dval); } #create a span with the field's name in it and add that into the label tag. $name_span = $dom->createElement("span",htmlentities(isset($o["headings"][$name])?:$name)); if($label_last) { #add the input to the label $label->appendChild($input); #add the name-span to the label. $label->appendChild($name_span); } else { #add the name-span to the label. $label->appendChild($name_span); #add the input to the label $label->appendChild($input); } $element->appendChild($label); } else { /* This is a multi-field attribute, which means that $input is already done. Don't modify it or wrap a label around it or anything, just add its name span before you add it to the wrapper. Just stick it straight in!! */ $name_span = $dom->createElement("span",htmlentities($name)); if($label_last) { $element->appendChild($input); $element->appendChild($name_span); } else { $element->appendChild($name_span); $element->appendChild($input); } } if(in_array($name, $o["hide_fields"])) { $hidden_wrap->appendChild($element); } else { $wrapper->appendChild($element); } } #Add the remaining dom elements to the output $form->appendChild($set); $form->appendChild($hidden_wrap); $form->appendChild($submit_wrap); #finally, write the form tag into the dom object. Then return the dom as HTML $dom->appendChild($form); return $dom->saveHTML(); } #return a string of html that is a table. $data is the tabular data you want to load in. It can either be an array or an object. function table($data,$opts=NULL) { global $odin; $this->num_instances++; $instance = (isset($opts["instance"])?$opts["instance"]:"inst-".$this->num_instances); $o = array( "caption" => "", "skip_cols" => array(), #an array(column,..) of columns to skip "add_cols" => array(), #an array(column=>string,..) of fields to tack onto the end of this. You may use replace variables with {} #example: "hello {name}" would pull the name column for this row & replace with that value. #note: this can also overwrite previous fields too "add_replaces" => array(), #an array(variable=>string,..) which replaces into the add_cols "headings" => array(), #an array(column=>string,..) of replacement headings for each column "tbl_attrs" => array( #an array(attr=>value,..) of all table attributes "id" => $instance, ), ); if($opts) { $o = $odin->array->ow_merge_r($o,$opts); } if(!empty($o["skip_cols"])) { $o["skip_cols"] = array_flip($o["skip_cols"]); } if(!empty($o["add_cols"])) { #loop through all $data, adding in those $add_cols to the end, while running str_replace on them. $keys = array_keys(current((array)$data)); $wrap_keys = function(&$val){ $val = "{".$val."}"; }; array_walk($keys, $wrap_keys); if(!empty($o["add_replaces"])) { $ar_keys = array_keys($o["add_replaces"]); $ar_vals = array_values($o["add_replaces"]); array_walk($ar_keys, $wrap_keys); } foreach($data as &$v) { foreach($o["add_cols"] as $name=>$string) { #if the column is already set, use its value instead of $string. if(isset($v[$name])) { $string = $v[$name]; } #if there are add_replace key/values, run those first so that if they contain {field_name}s, they will be replaced too. if(isset($ar_keys)) { $string = str_replace($ar_keys, $ar_vals, $string); } #replace this row's field names with field values $v[$name] = str_replace($keys, $v, $string); } } } #create the dom object & elements $dom = new DOMDocument(); $table = $dom->createElement("table"); #add on any table attributes. if(!empty($o["tbl_attrs"])) { foreach($o["tbl_attrs"] as $attr=>$value) { $table_attr = $dom->createAttribute($attr); $table_attr->value = $value; $table->appendChild($table_attr); } } #this is the first itteration through the fields, so do headings. $first = TRUE; #create <thead> $thead = $dom->createElement("thead"); $head_tr = $dom->createElement("tr"); #set a class to the <th>'s <tr> tag. $head_class = $dom->createAttribute("class"); $head_class->value = "headings"; $head_tr->appendChild($head_class); #create <tbody> $tbody = $dom->createElement("thead"); #append children where they need to go. if(!empty($o["caption"])) { $table->appendChild($dom->createElement("caption",htmlentities($o["caption"]))); } $thead->appendChild($head_tr); $table->appendChild($thead); $table->appendChild($tbody); $row_count = 0; foreach($data as $row_key=>$columns) { $row_count++; #generate new <tr> tag & its classes $tr = $dom->createElement("tr"); $tr_classes = $dom->createAttribute("class"); $tr_classes->value = ($row_count%2?"odd":"even")." row-".$row_key; $tr->appendChild($tr_classes); foreach($columns as $name=>$value) { #skip this column? if(!isset($o["skip_cols"][$name])) { #is this the first row ever? if($first) { $th = $dom->createElement("th",htmlentities(isset($o["headings"][$name])?$o["headings"][$name]:$name)); $head_tr->appendChild($th); } #create the <th> tag & fill it with your values, as long as this value is not blank. $td = $dom->createElement("td"); if($value) { $td_val = $dom->createDocumentFragment(); if(is_array($value) || is_object($value)) { $value = json_encode((array)$value); } $value = str_replace('&', '&amp;', $value); $td_val->appendXML($value); $td->appendChild($td_val); } $td_classes = $dom->createAttribute("class"); $td_classes->value = $name; $td->appendChild($td_classes); $tr->appendChild($td); } } $tbody->appendChild($tr); $first = NULL; } $dom->appendChild($table); return $dom->saveHTML(); } }
based on mfpAQ
Output for 5.4.0 - 7.2.0