run code in 300+ PHP versions simultaneously
<?php $server_seed = "39b7d32fcb743c244c569a56d6de4dc27577d6277d6cf155bdcba6d05befcb34"; $lotto = "0422262831"; $round_id = "1"; $hash = hash("sha256", $server_seed."-".$lotto."-".$round_id); $roll = hexdec( substr($hash,0,8)) % 15; echo "Round $round_id = $roll";

Shows result from various feature-branches currently under review from the php developers. Contact me to have additional branches featured.

Output for branch master
Round 1 = 6
Output for branch master_jit
Round 1 = 6
Output for branch enumerations
Round 1 = 6

Archived branches

Once feature-branches are merged or declined, they are no longer available. Their functionality (when merged) can be viewed from the main output page