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<?PHP $url = 'http://www.google.com/recaptcha/api/verify'; $data['privatekey'] = "6Lfzs_ESAAAAANS4DbMX4f5yLILbOxInzzZil2FE"; $data['remoteip'] = ""; $data['challenge'] = "c"; $data['response'] = "r"; $options = array( 'http' => array( 'header' => "Content-type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded\r\n", 'method' => 'POST', 'content' => http_build_query($data), ) );

Shows result from various feature-branches currently under review from the php developers. Contact me to have additional branches featured.

Archived branches

Once feature-branches are merged or declined, they are no longer available. Their functionality (when merged) can be viewed from the main output page