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<?php register_shutdown_function('shutdownFunction'); function shutDownFunction() { $error = error_get_last(); if ($error['type'] == 1) { //do your stuff } } final class valueobjectEmail { const EMAIL = "me@where.com"; static $p = "me@here.com"; // can't unset static property private $pp = "me@there.org"; // but may unset ppp properties function getProp(){ return valueobjectEmail::$p; } function setProp(){ valueobjectEmail::$p = 'blee'; } function getPropPP(){ return $this->pp; } function UnsetPP() { unset($this->pp); } private function __destruct() { return false; } } $vo = new valueobjectEmail; var_dump($vo); echo $vo->getProp(),"\n"; $vo->setProp(); echo $vo->getProp(),"\n"; $vo2 = new valueobjectEmail; echo $vo == $vo2,"\n"; echo $vo === $vo2,"\n"; echo "\n",$vo2->getPropPP(),"\n"; $vo2->UnsetPP(); var_dump($vo2); echo $vo::EMAIL,"\n"; try { $vo = null; } catch(Exception $e) { } finally { echo "You may not destroy the value object","\n"; } var_dump($vo);
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