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<?php phpinfo(); $xmlstr='<mainGroup> <groupHeading type="heading">This is a sample heading</groupHeading> <group type="groupType1"> <title>Title1</title> <date when="0001"></date> </group> <group type="groupType1"> <title>Title2</title> <date when="0002"></date> </group> <group type="groupType2"> <title>Title3</title> <date when="0003"></date> </group> </mainGroup>'; $xml=simplexml_load_string($xmlstr); // now loop through all <groupheading>, we use an xpath-query... foreach ($xml->xpath("//groupheading") as $gh) { echo $gh; } ?>

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Shows result from various feature-branches currently under review from the php developers. Contact me to have additional branches featured.

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Once feature-branches are merged or declined, they are no longer available. Their functionality (when merged) can be viewed from the main output page