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<?php function xml2array($contents, $get_attributes = 1, $priority = 'tag') { if (!$contents) { return array(); } if (!function_exists('xml_parser_create')) { //print "'xml_parser_create()' function not found!"; return array(); } //Get the XML parser of PHP - PHP must have this module for the parser to work $parser = xml_parser_create(''); xml_parser_set_option($parser, XML_OPTION_TARGET_ENCODING, "UTF-8"); // http://minutillo.com/steve/weblog/2004/6/17/php-xml-and-character-encodings-a-tale-of-sadness-rage-and-data-loss xml_parser_set_option($parser, XML_OPTION_CASE_FOLDING, 0); xml_parser_set_option($parser, XML_OPTION_SKIP_WHITE, 1); xml_parse_into_struct($parser, trim($contents), $xml_values); xml_parser_free($parser); if (!$xml_values) { return;//Hmm... } //Initializations $xml_array = array(); $parents = array(); $opened_tags = array(); $arr = array(); $current = &$xml_array; //Refference //Go through the tags. $repeated_tag_index = array();//Multiple tags with same name will be turned into an array foreach ($xml_values as $data) { unset($attributes,$value);//Remove existing values, or there will be trouble //This command will extract these variables into the foreach scope // tag(string), type(string), level(int), attributes(array). extract($data);//We could use the array by itself, but this cooler. $result = array(); $attributes_data = array(); if (isset($value)) { if ($priority == 'tag') { $result = $value; } else { $result['value'] = $value; //Put the value in a assoc array if we are in the 'Attribute' mode } } //Set the attributes too. if (isset($attributes) and $get_attributes) { foreach ($attributes as $attr => $val) { if ($priority == 'tag') { $attributes_data[$attr] = $val; } else { $result['attr'][$attr] = $val; //Set all the attributes in a array called 'attr' } } } //See tag status and do the needed. if ($type == "open") {//The starting of the tag '<tag>' $parent[$level-1] = &$current; if (!is_array($current) or (!in_array($tag, array_keys($current)))) { //Insert New tag $current[$tag] = $result; if ($attributes_data) { $current[$tag. '_attr'] = $attributes_data; } $repeated_tag_index[$tag.'_'.$level] = 1; $current = &$current[$tag]; } else { //There was another element with the same tag name if (isset($current[$tag][0])) {//If there is a 0th element it is already an array $current[$tag][$repeated_tag_index[$tag.'_'.$level]] = $result; $repeated_tag_index[$tag.'_'.$level]++; } else {//This section will make the value an array if multiple tags with the same name appear together $current[$tag] = array($current[$tag],$result);//This will combine the existing item and the new item together to make an array $repeated_tag_index[$tag.'_'.$level] = 2; if (isset($current[$tag.'_attr'])) { //The attribute of the last(0th) tag must be moved as well $current[$tag]['0_attr'] = $current[$tag.'_attr']; unset($current[$tag.'_attr']); } } $last_item_index = $repeated_tag_index[$tag.'_'.$level]-1; $current = &$current[$tag][$last_item_index]; } } elseif ($type == "complete") { //Tags that ends in 1 line '<tag />' //See if the key is already taken. if (!isset($current[$tag])) { //New Key $current[$tag] = $result; $repeated_tag_index[$tag.'_'.$level] = 1; if ($priority == 'tag' and $attributes_data) { $current[$tag. '_attr'] = $attributes_data; } } else { //If taken, put all things inside a list(array) if (isset($current[$tag][0]) and is_array($current[$tag])) {//If it is already an array... // ...push the new element into that array. $current[$tag][$repeated_tag_index[$tag.'_'.$level]] = $result; if ($priority == 'tag' and $get_attributes and $attributes_data) { $current[$tag][$repeated_tag_index[$tag.'_'.$level] . '_attr'] = $attributes_data; } $repeated_tag_index[$tag.'_'.$level]++; } else { //If it is not an array... $current[$tag] = array($current[$tag],$result); //...Make it an array using using the existing value and the new value $repeated_tag_index[$tag.'_'.$level] = 1; if ($priority == 'tag' and $get_attributes) { if (isset($current[$tag.'_attr'])) { //The attribute of the last(0th) tag must be moved as well $current[$tag]['0_attr'] = $current[$tag.'_attr']; unset($current[$tag.'_attr']); } if ($attributes_data) { $current[$tag][$repeated_tag_index[$tag.'_'.$level] . '_attr'] = $attributes_data; } } $repeated_tag_index[$tag.'_'.$level]++; //0 and 1 index is already taken } } } elseif ($type == 'close') { //End of tag '</tag>' $current = &$parent[$level-1]; } } return($xml_array); } $response = '<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <ProcessingResult> <response status="Invalid" state="Validated" leadid="51845435"> <Notices /> <Errors /> <PostData> <Field> <Name>AffiliateLocationID</Name> <Value>36674</Value> </Field> <Field> <Name>LocationID</Name> <Value>30331</Value> </Field> <Field> <Name>CampaignID</Name> <Value>6137</Value> </Field> <Field> <Name>FormID</Name> <Value>5683</Value> </Field> <Field> <Name>VendorID</Name> <Value>36348</Value> </Field> <Field> <Name>ClientSourceCode</Name> <Value>SPARB</Value></Field> <Field> <Name>consentverbiage</Name> <Value>1</Value> </Field> <Field> <Name>firstname</Name> <Value>Lillian</Value> </Field> <Field> <Name>lastname</Name> <Value>Howard</Value> </Field> <Field> <Name>email</Name> <Value>howardtory98@gmail.com</Value> </Field> <Field> <Name>leadid_token</Name> <Value>04500378-8B44-3D95-E781-39C543A1A6B6</Value> </Field> <Field> <Name>address</Name> <Value>2000 east tillwell rd apartment 233</Value> </Field> <Field> <Name>city</Name> <Value>HOUSTON</Value> </Field> <Field> <Name>state</Name> <Value>TX</Value> </Field> <Field> <Name>country</Name> <Value>U.S.A.</Value> </Field> <Field> <Name>zip</Name> <Value>77093</Value> </Field> <Field> <Name>dayphone</Name> <Value>8329943099</Value> </Field> <Field> <Name>ProspectIP</Name> <Value></Value> </Field> <Field> <Name>ConsentDateTime</Name> <Value>2015-03-30 10:40:29</Value> </Field> <Field> <Name>militarystatus</Name> <Value>None</Value> </Field> <Field> <Name>EducationLevel</Name> <Value>HS</Value> </Field> <Field> <Name>gradyear</Name> <Value>1999</Value> </Field> <Field> <Name>CurriculumID</Name> <Value>560494</Value> </Field> <Field> <Name>IsTest</Name> <Value>false</Value> </Field> <Field> <Name>IPAddress</Name> <Value></Value> </Field> </PostData> <MappingResult> <Errors /> </MappingResult> <CampaignResults> <CampaignResult CampaignID="6137" LocationID="30331" Routed="NotRouted" Current="True"> <Errors /> <FormValidationResult> <Notices /> <Errors /> </FormValidationResult> <ValidationResult> <Notices /> <Errors /> </ValidationResult> <StandardizationResult> <Notices /> <Errors /> </StandardizationResult> <PreProcessingResult> <Notices /> <Errors> <Message code="DUPLICATE_CHECK_FAILED">Duplicate check failed for email [howardtory98@gmail.com]</Message> </Errors> </PreProcessingResult> </CampaignResult> </CampaignResults> <BillingResult> <Notices /> <Errors /> </BillingResult> <MCPSResults /> </response> </ProcessingResult>'; $data = xml2array($response); echo $data['ProcessingResult']['CampaignResults']['CampaignResult']['PreProcessingResult']['Errors']['Message'];
based on WgUTH
Output for 5.4.0 - 7.2.0
Notice: Undefined index: CampaignResults in /in/duY9E on line 282