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<?php $test = 'On this <em>MLA Commons</em> group, you can sign the petition for a potential new forum approved by the Executive Council as part of the association’s restructuring of division and discussion groups. To learn more about this initiative, please <a href="http://executivecouncil.coover.mlacommons.org/2014/05/14/an-introduction-to-the-new-forum-structure/">read a letter from Margaret W. Ferguson and Marianne Hirsch</a>. To petition for the creation of this new forum, you may add your name as a comment in the <a href="http://coover.mlacommons.org/groups/prospective-forum-tc-memory-studies/forum/topic/petition-6/">Petition thread</a> of the forum discussion. (Please note that members may sign no more than five new forum petitions during the 2014 membership year.) Additional information about establishing new forums and the full list of new forums are available in the <a href="http://executivecouncil.coover.mlacommons.org/instructions-for-establishing-new-forums">Instructions for Establishing New Forums</a>.'; strpos($test, 'Additional information');
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