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<?php $string = ' <h2>Jumpsuits - New Zealand</h2> <p>Modern muse or 70s siren; whatever your style THE ICONIC has the perfect <strong>jumpsuit</strong> for you. Go feminine with floral prints and lace details, or grungey with acid wash overalls. THE ICONIC showcases the best designs from Australian and international designers ensuring your outfit will always be on point.<br /> <br /> With their beginnings in the 1960s, jumpsuits quickly evolved to become an important staple in every womans style arsenal. Wide leg styles with halter necklines suggest a fun, retro vibe, especially when teamed with hoop <a href="http://www.theiconic.co.nz/womens-accessories-jewellery-earrings">earrings</a> and <a href="http://www.theiconic.co.nz/womens-shoes-wedges">wedges</a>. For a more modern look, opt for slim, chic cuts matched with delicate jewellery and heeled sandals. <br /> <br /> An elegant alternative to an evening gown, jumpsuits make a strong statement in block colours and bold prints. Fun floral and striking geometric designs also have an eye-catching effect. Pastel colours and soft draping lend a luxe, ladylike look, while asymmetrical designs and slim leg construction evoke a more modern style.<br /> <br /> Not just for formal occasions, jumpsuits make an effortless casual ensemble. Team a jersey jumpsuit with a denim jacket and lace up sneakers for easy street style, or layer your favourite <a href="http://www.theiconic.co.nz/womens-clothing-tshirts-singlets-t-shirts/">tee</a> under denim overalls for a cute, retro inspired look.<br /> <br /> Whatever your style, jumpsuits are a versatile wardrobe addition. From fiercely feminine to totally tomboy, THE ICONIC has the perfect piece for you.</p> '; preg_match_all('#\bhttp://[^,\s()<>]+(?:\([\w\d]+\)|([^,[:punct:]\s]|/))#', $string, $match); echo "<pre>"; print_r($match); echo "</pre>";
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<pre>Array ( [0] => Array ( [0] => http://www.theiconic.co.nz/womens-accessories-jewellery-earrings [1] => http://www.theiconic.co.nz/womens-shoes-wedges [2] => http://www.theiconic.co.nz/womens-clothing-tshirts-singlets-t-shirts/ ) [1] => Array ( [0] => s [1] => s [2] => / ) ) </pre>