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<?php { print_r( json_encode('"topMedia”: { "type":"image”, "src":"/assets/media/images/family/iwic/video-overview-thumb.jpg”, "alt":"Alt”, "position":"none”, "link":[]},"topTitle": "Degrees of Invisibility”,"topText":"From the company that invented the category comes a complete offering of in-wall and in-ceiling speakers balance performance and design. Sonance has solutions to complement any décor and budget; from traditional to modern and from basic to audiophile.&nbsp; It’s the Sonance “Degrees of Invisibility”.","parallaxVP”:{"type":"parallax","src":"/assets/media/images/family/iwic/parallax/vp-desktop-parallax.jpg","width":1600,"height":900},"meta-description":"","meta-author":"","meta-title":"Sonance - In-Wall & In-Ceiling” }');
Output for 5.3.0 - 5.4.25
Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ';' in /in/YjAi0 on line 10
Process exited with code 255.