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<?php session_start(); //Website name $sitename="HostingBrunch - Web Hosting | Domain Registration | Reseller Hosting | Pakistan Website Hosting"; //Website meta description $description="HostingBrunch provides affordable web hosting solutions. Offers VPS, Dedicated servers, cloud servers, domain names and much more."; //Website meta tags $metakeywords="web hosting, web, website hosting, cheap hosting, reseller, reseller hosting, shared hosting plans, reseller hosting plans, reseller shared hosting, reseller hosting packages, website Design, Domain, Domain Registration, web designing, cheap web hosting in pakistan,cheap webhosting in rawalpindi,hosting, pakistan, web hosting, web hosting in pakistan, pakistani hosting, hosting in pakistan, hosting in karachi, web host pakistan, pakistani hosting company, cheap hosting, unexpensive hosting, low price, pakistan, karachi, lahore, islamabad, india, bombay, rawalpindi, pakistani, pakistans, pak, paki, pakis, low cost, very cheap, free, ecommerce, e-commerce, credit cards, cgi, scripts, database, software development, affordable price, unlimited, frontpage, ssl, t3, t-3, server, dedicated server, solutions, domain registration, domain, domain name registration, free domain, free domain name, domain name search, free domain registration, register domain name, domain hosting, free domain name registration, register domain, domain search, game domain, register domain names, internet domain registration. domain register, domain names for sale, cheap domain, cheap domain, domain parking, domain name register, buy domain, buy domain names, domain name parking, registering domain names, cheap domain names, domain name hosting, domain registry, free domain parking, top level domain, domain lookup, domain name lookup, domain name registry, web domain, domain registrar, internet domain names,cheapest host,cheapest host in pakistan,chapest host,cheap web hosting in rawalpindi,free domain,web hosting including free domain,seo,free seo,cheap seo,seo pakistan,pakistan seo,seo training in pakistan,pakistan seo, seo expert,web designing pakistan"; //Same text was appearing so i made it dynamic :) $msg1='<p>For spam, scam and fraud protection and for better and effective services we process each and every order manually. Currently our mode of payments are <b>Bank Transfer (free of cost), Cash by Hand and Easy Paisa.</b><br> <b style="color: rgb(66, 131, 1);cursor:pointer;text-decoration: underline;">Please Note: </b><b> When you will submit an order an email containing all details regarding payment methods will automatically be sent to your Email.</b> For any detail please <a href="contact.php">Contact us</a> '; // the banner container ( Green color big buttons, "HOSTING DOMAIN VPS DEDICATED SERVERS" appearing on support and contact pages. its dynamic too! ) $banner1=' <ul class="banners wrapper"> <li><a href="hosting.php">Hosting</a></li> <li><a href="domain.php">Domain</a></li> <li><a href="vps.php">VPS<b></b></a></li> <li><a href="servers.php">Dedicated Servers<b></b></a></li> </ul>'; if($_GET['c']=='usd){ $_SESSION['c']='usd'; } elseif($_GET['c']=='gbp'){ $_SESSION['c']='gbp'; } if($_SESSION['c']=='usd'){ // domain prices in usd $sign='$'; $k=''; // $com='11'; $net='11'; $biz='11'; $info='11'; $us='7'; $couk='14'; $org='10'; $cc='20'; $name='10'; $tv='32'; $in='11'; $asia='16'; $eu='8'; $orguk='14'; $meuk='14'; $eucom='22'; $ca='14'; $ws='9'; $me='24'; $bz='22'; $tel='13'; $mobi='19'; $cn='13'; $co='23'; $de='10'; } elseif($_SESSION['c']=='gbp'){ // GBP rates $sign='&pound;'; $k=''; // $us=5; $cc=18; // us and cc were not specified by you! $com=7; $net=7; $biz=7; $info=7; $couk=5; $org=9; $name=7; $cc=13; $tv=21; $in=7; $asia=11; $eu=5; $orguk=9; $meuk=9; $eucom=14; $ca=9; $ws=6; $me=16; $bz=14; $tel=9; $mobi=13; $cn=9; $co=15; $de=7; } else { // PKR rates $sign='Rs.'; $k=''; // $com='1100'; $net='1100'; $biz='1100'; $info='1100'; $us='700'; $couk='1400'; $org='1000'; $cc='2000'; $name='1000'; $tv='3200'; $in='1100'; $asia='1600'; $eu='800'; $orguk='1400'; $meuk='1400'; $eucom='2200'; $ca='1400'; $ws='900'; $me='2400'; $bz='2200'; $tel='1300'; $mobi='1900'; $cn='1300'; $co='2300'; $de='1000'; } ?>
Output for 5.4.0 - 5.4.20
Parse error: syntax error, unexpected 'c' (T_STRING) in /in/WMCvP on line 31
Process exited with code 255.
Output for 5.3.0 - 5.3.27
Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING in /in/WMCvP on line 31
Process exited with code 255.