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<?php echo 'bla'; ECHO 'blee'; ecHO 'ho,ho'; echo TRUE; echo true; echo trUE; echo PHP_OS; echo php_OS; var_dump(TRUE,FALSE,NULL); // they have data types and what has data types? variables; not keywords! function true(){ return 'The truth ...'; } function false(){ return 'Do not be false...'; } function null(){ return 'null is nothing at all...'; } echo true(); echo false(); echo null();
based on B9KEu
Output for 4.3.0 - 7.1.0
blableeho,ho111Linux Notice: Use of undefined constant php_OS - assumed 'php_OS' in /in/VXskH on line 9 php_OSbool(true) bool(false) NULL The truth ...Do not be false...null is nothing at all...