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<?php class MyXML extends SimpleXMLElement { public function firstChild() { $children = $this->children(); foreach ($children as $child) break; return $child; } public function keyHasTwins($key) { if (isset($this->$key)) return (count($this->$key)>1); else return false; } public function hasChildren() { return (bool)count($this->children()); } } $s = '<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="yes" ?>'. '<request>'. ' <body>'. ' <rows>'. ' <row id="1"/>'. ' <row id="2"/>'. ' <row id="3"/>'. ' <row2 ver="2.0">test data</row2>'. ' <row2 ver="2.1">test data 2</row2>'. ' </rows>'. ' </body>'. '</request>'; $obj = new MyXML($s); $rows = $obj->firstChild()->firstChild()->children(); var_dump($rows->hasChildren('row')); var_dump($rows->hasChildren('row2')); var_dump($rows->hasChildren('my-row'));

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