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<?php $nouns=split(' ',"ball bat bed book block bun can cake cap car cat cow cub cup dad day dog doll dust fan feet boss gumball hall hat hen jar kite moth map mouse pea pan pet pie plaque pot rice son sun toe tub van apple arm banana bike bird book chin clam class clover club corn crayon crow crown crowd crib desk dime dirt dress fang field flag flower fog game heat hill home horn hose joke juice kite lake mail mask mice milk mint meal meat moon moose morning name nest nose pear pen pencil plant rain river road rock room rose seed shape shoe shop show sink shadow snowball snow soda sofa star step stew stove straw string summer swing table tank team tent test toes tree vest water wing winter wasp walrus alarm animal aunt bait balloon bath bead beam bean bedroom boot bread brick brother camp chicken children cookies deer dock doctor downtown drum dust eye family father fight flesh food frog gooserandfather grasshopper grape grass hook horse jail jam kiss kitten light loaf lock lunch lunchroom meal mouth notebook owl pail parent park plot rabbit rake robin sack sail scale sea sister soap song spark space spoon spot spy summer tiger toad town trail trampoline tray trick trip uncle vase winter water week wheel wish wool yard zebra actor airplane airport army baseball beef birthday boy brush bushes butter cast cave cent cherries cherry cobweb coil diner dinner eggnog elbow face fireman flavor gate glove glue goldfish goose grain hair haircut hobbies holiday hotpocket jellyfish ladybug mailbox number otter pail pancake pear pest popcorn royalty quicksand quiet quilt rainstorm scarecrow scarf stream street sugar throne toothpaste twig volleyball wood walrus advice apricot answer apple arithmetic badge basket basketball battle beast beetle bubble brain branch bubblegum bucket cactus cannon cattle celery cellar cloth coach coast crate cream dentist donkey drug earthquake feast fifth finger flock frame furniture geese ghost giraffe governor honey hope hydrant icicle income island jeans judge lace lamp lettuce marble month north ocean patch plane playground poison riddle rifle scale seashore sheet sidewalk skate sparkler sleet smoke stage station thrill throat throne title toothbrush turkey underwear vacation vegetable visitor voyage year able achieve acoustics action activity aftermath afternoon afterthought apparel appliance beginner believe bomb border boundary breakfast cabbage cable calculator calendar caption carpenter cemetery channel circle creator creature education faucet feather friction fruit fuel galley guide guitar health heart idea kitten laborer language lawyer linen locket lumber magic minister mitten money mountain music partner passenger pickle picture plantation plastic pleasure pocket police pollution railway recess reward route scene scent squirrel stranger suit sweater temper territory texture thread treatment veil vein volcano wealth weather wilderness wren typist writer ear earth earthquake edge education effect egg eggnog eggs elbow end engine error event example exchange existence expansion experience expert eye eyes ice icicle idea impulse income increase industry ink insect instrument insurance interest invention iron island hair haircut hall hammer hand hands harbor harmony hat hate head health hearing heart heat help hen hill history hobbies hole holiday"); $adv=split(' ',"able absorbing adaptable adorable adventurous affable affectionate agreeable alert alive alluring amazing ambitious amiable amicable amused amusing angelic animated appreciative arousing astonishing beautiful big blissful bouncing boundless brainy brave breathless bright bright brilliant broad-minded busy calm capable captivating carefree careful casual charming cheerful coherent collective comfortable communicative compassionate complacent composed concerned confident conscientious considerate considerate content convivial cool cooperative courageous courteous creative credible cuddly cultured curious cute dandy daring dashing dazzling debonair decisive decorous delightful detailed determined diligent diplomatic discreet dynamic eager easygoing efficient elated eminent emotional enchanting encouraging endurable energetic enraptured enterprising entertaining enthralled enthusiastic enticing entranced entrancing ethical evaluative excellent exceptional excited exciting exclusive exquisite extraordinary fabulous fabulous fair-minded faithful famous fancier fancy fantastic fascinating fashionable faultless favorable favored favorite fearless feature-rich fine finest firmer first-in-class first-rate flattering flawless flexible flourishing fluent fond foremost frank friendly funny generous gentle glorious good gregarious happy hard-working harmonious helpful hilarious honest honorable humane humble humorous ideal idolized idyllic illuminating illustrious imaginative immaculate immense impartial impassioned impeccable important impressed impressive improved improving incredible indebted independent individualized indulgent industrious industrious inestimable inexpensive infallible influential ingenious ingenuous innocuous innovative insightful inspirational inspiring instinctive instructive instrumental integral integrated intellectual intelligent intelligible interesting intimate intricate intriguing intuitive invaluable inventive invigorating invincible inviolable inviolate invulnerable irreplaceable irreproachable irresistible issue-free jaw-dropping jolly jovial joyous jubilant judicious keen kid-friendly kind kind-hearted kindly knowledgeable large-capacity laudable lavish law-abiding lawful leading lean legendary level lighter light-hearted like likeable liked lionhearted lively logical long-lasting lovable loved lovely loving low-cost lower-priced low-price low-priced low-risk loyal lucid luckier luckiest lucky lucrative luminous lush lustrous luxuriant luxurious luxury lyrical magic magical magnanimous magnificent majestic manageable maneuverable marvelous marvelous masterful matchless mature meaningful memorable merciful meritorious merry mesmerized mesmerizing meticulous mighty mind-blowing miraculous modern modest momentous monumental motivated multi-purpose navigable neat neatest nice nicer nicest nifty nimble noble noiseless non-violent noteworthy nourishing obedient observant obtainable optimal optimistic optimistic opulent orderly organized outstanding overjoyed pain-free painless painstaking palatial pampered panoramic paramount passionate patient peaceable peaceful peppy perfect permissible persistent phenomenal philosophical picturesque pioneering placid plausible playful pleasant pleased pleasing pleasurable plentiful plucky plush poetic poignant poised polished polite popular portable posh positive powerful practical praiseworthy praising precious precise preeminent pre-eminent preferable premier prestigious pretty pro-active productive protective proud punctual quick-witted quiet rational receptive reflective reliable relieved reserved resolute resourceful responsible rhetorical rich richer right righteous rightful risk-free robust rock-star romantic roomier roomy rosy safe saintly salutary sane satisfactory satisfied satisfying scenic seamless seasoned secure sedate seemly selective self-assured self-confident self-disciplined sensible sensitive shrewd shy silly sincere skillful smiling sociable splendid steadfast stimulating straightforward streamlined striking strong strongest stunned stunning stupendous sturdy stylish suave sublime subsidized substantive succeeding successful sufficient suitable sumptuous super superb superior supple supported supporting supportive supreme surreal sustainable sympathetic talented thoughtful tough toughest tranquil transparent trendy triumphal triumphant trouble-free trusted trusting trustworthy trusty truthful twinkly ultra-crisp unabashed unaffected unassailable unassuming unbeatable unbiased unbound uncomplicated unconditional undamaged undaunted understandable understanding undisputable undisputed unencumbered upbeat versatile vigorous vivacious warm warmhearted well-made well-mannered well-positioned well-received well-regarded well-rounded willing wise witty wonderful wondrous workable world-famous worthwhile worthy young youthful zippy"); $ip=""; $b=split('.',$ip); $date=date("d"); $ip1=$adv[($b[2]+$b[1]+$date)%512]; $ip2=$nouns[($b[0]+$b[3]+$date)%512]; $funny_name="$ip1 $ip2"; print_r($b); echo $funny_name;
Output for 7.0.0 - 7.2.6
Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function split() in /in/N35Zu:2 Stack trace: #0 {main} thrown in /in/N35Zu on line 2
Process exited with code 255.
Output for 5.3.0 - 5.6.28
Deprecated: Function split() is deprecated in /in/N35Zu on line 2 Deprecated: Function split() is deprecated in /in/N35Zu on line 3 Deprecated: Function split() is deprecated in /in/N35Zu on line 6 Array ( [0] => [1] => [2] => [3] => [4] => [5] => [6] => [7] => [8] => [9] => [10] => [11] => [12] => ) angelic doll
Output for 4.3.0 - 5.2.17
Array ( [0] => [1] => [2] => [3] => [4] => [5] => [6] => [7] => [8] => [9] => [10] => [11] => [12] => ) angelic doll