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<?php function tagify($str, $baseUrl = '/board/') { $baseUrl = rtrim($baseUrl, '/'); return preg_replace('/ (?!<a[^<>]*>[^\#]*) # Dont match if there is an opening <a> tag and any chars after it. \#([-_\w]+\b) # Match the hashtag. (?![^<]*<\\/a>) # Ignore any anding </a> tag including any chars before it not in hashtag. /ix', '<a href="'.$baseUrl.'/$1">#$1</a>', $str); } $str = <<<STR This is <a href="http://foo.com">This is #foo</a>. Simple #html-stuff text <a href="http://foobar.com#baz">#simple</a> <span class="simple">simple #simple text text</span> STR; echo tagify($str);
Output for 4.3.11 - 7.2.0
Warning: preg_replace(): Unknown modifier 'a' in /in/MQvLI on line 10
Output for 4.3.0 - 4.3.10
Warning: Unknown modifier 'a' in /in/MQvLI on line 10