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<?php /** * @package dompdf * @link http://dompdf.github.com/ * @author Benj Carson <benjcarson@digitaljunkies.ca> * @author Helmut Tischer <htischer@weihenstephan.org> * @author Fabien Ménager <fabien.menager@gmail.com> * @autho Brian Sweeney <eclecticgeek@gmail.com> * @license http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/lesser.html GNU Lesser General Public License */ if ( class_exists( 'DOMPDF' , false ) ) { return; } PHP_VERSION >= 5.0 or die("DOMPDF requires PHP 5.0+"); /** * The root of your DOMPDF installation */ define("DOMPDF_DIR", str_replace(DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR, '/', realpath(dirname(__FILE__)))); /** * The location of the DOMPDF include directory */ define("DOMPDF_INC_DIR", DOMPDF_DIR . "/include"); /** * The location of the DOMPDF lib directory */ define("DOMPDF_LIB_DIR", DOMPDF_DIR . "/lib"); /** * Some installations don't have $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'] * http://fyneworks.blogspot.com/2007/08/php-documentroot-in-iis-windows-servers.html */ if( !isset($_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT']) ) { $path = ""; if ( isset($_SERVER['SCRIPT_FILENAME']) ) $path = $_SERVER['SCRIPT_FILENAME']; elseif ( isset($_SERVER['PATH_TRANSLATED']) ) $path = str_replace('\\\\', '\\', $_SERVER['PATH_TRANSLATED']); $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'] = str_replace( '\\', '/', substr($path, 0, 0-strlen($_SERVER['PHP_SELF']))); } /** Include the custom config file if it exists */ if ( file_exists(DOMPDF_DIR . "/dompdf_config.custom.inc.php") ){ require_once(DOMPDF_DIR . "/dompdf_config.custom.inc.php"); } //FIXME: Some function definitions rely on the constants defined by DOMPDF. However, might this location prove problematic? require_once(DOMPDF_INC_DIR . "/functions.inc.php"); /** * Username and password used by the configuration utility in www/ */ def("DOMPDF_ADMIN_USERNAME", "user"); def("DOMPDF_ADMIN_PASSWORD", "password"); /** * The location of the DOMPDF font directory * * The location of the directory where DOMPDF will store fonts and font metrics * Note: This directory must exist and be writable by the webserver process. * *Please note the trailing slash.* * * Notes regarding fonts: * Additional .afm font metrics can be added by executing load_font.php from command line. * * Only the original "Base 14 fonts" are present on all pdf viewers. Additional fonts must * be embedded in the pdf file or the PDF may not display correctly. This can significantly * increase file size unless font subsetting is enabled. Before embedding a font please * review your rights under the font license. * * Any font specification in the source HTML is translated to the closest font available * in the font directory. * * The pdf standard "Base 14 fonts" are: * Courier, Courier-Bold, Courier-BoldOblique, Courier-Oblique, * Helvetica, Helvetica-Bold, Helvetica-BoldOblique, Helvetica-Oblique, * Times-Roman, Times-Bold, Times-BoldItalic, Times-Italic, * Symbol, ZapfDingbats. */ def("DOMPDF_FONT_DIR", DOMPDF_DIR . "/lib/fonts/"); /** * The location of the DOMPDF font cache directory * * This directory contains the cached font metrics for the fonts used by DOMPDF. * This directory can be the same as DOMPDF_FONT_DIR * * Note: This directory must exist and be writable by the webserver process. */ def("DOMPDF_FONT_CACHE", DOMPDF_FONT_DIR); /** * The location of a temporary directory. * * The directory specified must be writeable by the webserver process. * The temporary directory is required to download remote images and when * using the PFDLib back end. */ def("DOMPDF_TEMP_DIR", sys_get_temp_dir()); /** * ==== IMPORTANT ==== * * dompdf's "chroot": Prevents dompdf from accessing system files or other * files on the webserver. All local files opened by dompdf must be in a * subdirectory of this directory. DO NOT set it to '/' since this could * allow an attacker to use dompdf to read any files on the server. This * should be an absolute path. * This is only checked on command line call by dompdf.php, but not by * direct class use like: * $dompdf = new DOMPDF(); $dompdf->load_html($htmldata); $dompdf->render(); $pdfdata = $dompdf->output(); */ def("DOMPDF_CHROOT", realpath(DOMPDF_DIR)); /** * Whether to use Unicode fonts or not. * * When set to true the PDF backend must be set to "CPDF" and fonts must be * loaded via load_font.php. * * When enabled, dompdf can support all Unicode glyphs. Any glyphs used in a * document must be present in your fonts, however. */ def("DOMPDF_UNICODE_ENABLED", true); /** * Whether to enable font subsetting or not. */ def("DOMPDF_ENABLE_FONTSUBSETTING", false); /** * The PDF rendering backend to use * * Valid settings are 'PDFLib', 'CPDF' (the bundled R&OS PDF class), 'GD' and * 'auto'. 'auto' will look for PDFLib and use it if found, or if not it will * fall back on CPDF. 'GD' renders PDFs to graphic files. {@link * Canvas_Factory} ultimately determines which rendering class to instantiate * based on this setting. * * Both PDFLib & CPDF rendering backends provide sufficient rendering * capabilities for dompdf, however additional features (e.g. object, * image and font support, etc.) differ between backends. Please see * {@link PDFLib_Adapter} for more information on the PDFLib backend * and {@link CPDF_Adapter} and lib/class.pdf.php for more information * on CPDF. Also see the documentation for each backend at the links * below. * * The GD rendering backend is a little different than PDFLib and * CPDF. Several features of CPDF and PDFLib are not supported or do * not make any sense when creating image files. For example, * multiple pages are not supported, nor are PDF 'objects'. Have a * look at {@link GD_Adapter} for more information. GD support is * experimental, so use it at your own risk. * * @link http://www.pdflib.com * @link http://www.ros.co.nz/pdf * @link http://www.php.net/image */ def("DOMPDF_PDF_BACKEND", "CPDF"); /** * PDFlib license key * * If you are using a licensed, commercial version of PDFlib, specify * your license key here. If you are using PDFlib-Lite or are evaluating * the commercial version of PDFlib, comment out this setting. * * @link http://www.pdflib.com * * If pdflib present in web server and auto or selected explicitely above, * a real license code must exist! */ //def("DOMPDF_PDFLIB_LICENSE", "your license key here"); /** * html target media view which should be rendered into pdf. * List of types and parsing rules for future extensions: * http://www.w3.org/TR/REC-html40/types.html * screen, tty, tv, projection, handheld, print, braille, aural, all * Note: aural is deprecated in CSS 2.1 because it is replaced by speech in CSS 3. * Note, even though the generated pdf file is intended for print output, * the desired content might be different (e.g. screen or projection view of html file). * Therefore allow specification of content here. */ def("DOMPDF_DEFAULT_MEDIA_TYPE", "screen"); /** * The default paper size. * * North America standard is "letter"; other countries generally "a4" * * @see CPDF_Adapter::PAPER_SIZES for valid sizes */ def("DOMPDF_DEFAULT_PAPER_SIZE", "letter"); /** * The default font family * * Used if no suitable fonts can be found. This must exist in the font folder. * @var string */ def("DOMPDF_DEFAULT_FONT", "serif"); /** * Image DPI setting * * This setting determines the default DPI setting for images and fonts. The * DPI may be overridden for inline images by explictly setting the * image's width & height style attributes (i.e. if the image's native * width is 600 pixels and you specify the image's width as 72 points, * the image will have a DPI of 600 in the rendered PDF. The DPI of * background images can not be overridden and is controlled entirely * via this parameter. * * For the purposes of DOMPDF, pixels per inch (PPI) = dots per inch (DPI). * If a size in html is given as px (or without unit as image size), * this tells the corresponding size in pt at 72 DPI. * This adjusts the relative sizes to be similar to the rendering of the * html page in a reference browser. * * In pdf, always 1 pt = 1/72 inch * * Rendering resolution of various browsers in px per inch: * Windows Firefox and Internet Explorer: * SystemControl->Display properties->FontResolution: Default:96, largefonts:120, custom:? * Linux Firefox: * about:config *resolution: Default:96 * (xorg screen dimension in mm and Desktop font dpi settings are ignored) * * Take care about extra font/image zoom factor of browser. * * In images, <img> size in pixel attribute, img css style, are overriding * the real image dimension in px for rendering. * * @var int */ def("DOMPDF_DPI", 96); /** * Enable inline PHP * * If this setting is set to true then DOMPDF will automatically evaluate * inline PHP contained within <script type="text/php"> ... </script> tags. * * Enabling this for documents you do not trust (e.g. arbitrary remote html * pages) is a security risk. Set this option to false if you wish to process * untrusted documents. * * @var bool */ def("DOMPDF_ENABLE_PHP", false); /** * Enable inline Javascript * * If this setting is set to true then DOMPDF will automatically insert * JavaScript code contained within <script type="text/javascript"> ... </script> tags. * * @var bool */ def("DOMPDF_ENABLE_JAVASCRIPT", true); /** * Enable remote file access * * If this setting is set to true, DOMPDF will access remote sites for * images and CSS files as required. * This is required for part of test case www/test/image_variants.html through www/examples.php * * Attention! * This can be a security risk, in particular in combination with DOMPDF_ENABLE_PHP and * allowing remote access to dompdf.php or on allowing remote html code to be passed to * $dompdf = new DOMPDF(); $dompdf->load_html(...); * This allows anonymous users to download legally doubtful internet content which on * tracing back appears to being downloaded by your server, or allows malicious php code * in remote html pages to be executed by your server with your account privileges. * * @var bool */ def("DOMPDF_ENABLE_REMOTE", false); /** * The debug output log * @var string */ def("DOMPDF_LOG_OUTPUT_FILE", DOMPDF_FONT_DIR."log.htm"); /** * A ratio applied to the fonts height to be more like browsers' line height */ def("DOMPDF_FONT_HEIGHT_RATIO", 1.1); /** * Enable CSS float * * Allows people to disabled CSS float support * @var bool */ def("DOMPDF_ENABLE_CSS_FLOAT", false); /** * Enable the built in DOMPDF autoloader * * @var bool */ def("DOMPDF_ENABLE_AUTOLOAD", true); /** * Prepend the DOMPDF autoload function to the spl_autoload stack * * @var bool */ def("DOMPDF_AUTOLOAD_PREPEND", false); /** * Use the more-than-experimental HTML5 Lib parser */ def("DOMPDF_ENABLE_HTML5PARSER", false); require_once(DOMPDF_LIB_DIR . "/html5lib/Parser.php"); // ### End of user-configurable options ### /** * Load autoloader */ if (DOMPDF_ENABLE_AUTOLOAD) { require_once(DOMPDF_INC_DIR . "/autoload.inc.php"); require_once(DOMPDF_LIB_DIR . "/php-font-lib/classes/Font.php"); } /** * Ensure that PHP is working with text internally using UTF8 character encoding. */ mb_internal_encoding('UTF-8'); /** * Global array of warnings generated by DomDocument parser and * stylesheet class * * @var array */ global $_dompdf_warnings; $_dompdf_warnings = array(); /** * If true, $_dompdf_warnings is dumped on script termination when using * dompdf/dompdf.php or after rendering when using the DOMPDF class. * When using the class, setting this value to true will prevent you from * streaming the PDF. * * @var bool */ global $_dompdf_show_warnings; $_dompdf_show_warnings = false; /** * If true, the entire tree is dumped to stdout in dompdf.cls.php. * Setting this value to true will prevent you from streaming the PDF. * * @var bool */ global $_dompdf_debug; $_dompdf_debug = false; /** * Array of enabled debug message types * * @var array */ global $_DOMPDF_DEBUG_TYPES; $_DOMPDF_DEBUG_TYPES = array(); //array("page-break" => 1); /* Optionally enable different classes of debug output before the pdf content. * Visible if displaying pdf as text, * E.g. on repeated display of same pdf in browser when pdf is not taken out of * the browser cache and the premature output prevents setting of the mime type. */ def('DEBUGPNG', false); def('DEBUGKEEPTEMP', false); def('DEBUGCSS', false); /* Layout debugging. Will display rectangles around different block levels. * Visible in the PDF itself. */ def('DEBUG_LAYOUT', false); def('DEBUG_LAYOUT_LINES', true); def('DEBUG_LAYOUT_BLOCKS', true); def('DEBUG_LAYOUT_INLINE', true); def('DEBUG_LAYOUT_PADDINGBOX', true);
Output for 5.1.0 - 5.6.28, 7.0.0 - 7.1.0
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Process exited with code 255.
Output for hhvm-3.10.0 - 3.12.0
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Output for 5.0.0 - 5.0.5
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Output for 4.3.0 - 4.4.9
Warning: Wrong parameter count for class_exists() in /in/MQeou on line 12 DOMPDF requires PHP 5.0+