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<?php $raw = <<<CSV ID,Product Category ID,Product Line ID,Group ID (Group Name),Name,URL,Description,Legacy,Image 1,Image 2,Download ID for Legacy and Accessories,Tweeter,Midrange,Woofer,Sat,Radiating Surface,Driver System,Frequency Response,Impedance,Dispersion,Power Handling,Directivity Factor,Directivity Index,Transformer Taps,Max SPL:,Sensitivity,Enclosure Material,Baffle Material,Input Termination,Certifications,Crossover Frequency,Adjustments,Finish,Overload Protection,Environment Temperature,Speaker Depth," Finished Depth (with speaker) "," Finished Hole Siz",Product Weight,Shipping Weight,Dimensions (Diameter),Speaker Dimensions w/ Sq. Adaptor,Cut-Out Dimensions (Diameter),Dimensions (W x H ),Cut-Out Dimensions (W x H ),Dimensions (WxHxD),Dimensions,Grille Material,Grille Dimensions (W x H),Included Accessories,Available Colors,Installation Best Practice,Number Of Channels,Power Output All Channels Driven,Power Output (Bridged),Load Impedance Dual Bridge Mono,Voltage Gain,Frequency Response,Dynamic Headroom,Total Harmonic Distortion,I.M. Distortion (SMPTE 4:1),Signal To Noise Ratio,Damping Factor (8 Ohm),Input Stage,Input Sensitivity,Auto-On Trigger Sensitivity:,Inputs,Outputs,Input Impedance,Max Source Input Voltage,Crosstalk (Below Rated Power) 20 Hz To 1 KHz,Loop Output Impedance (Buffered),Serial Protocol (RS-232 Connection),Equalization Presets,Controls,BBE Control,BBE Settings,High-Pass Filter Characteristics,Line Level Out Hi-Pass Filter,Low-Pass Crossover Freq:,Protection Circuitry,Power Consumption,AC Fuse,Speaker Fuse,AC Line Voltage And Frequency Configurations Available (± 10%),Operating Temperature,Heat Output,Ventilation,Cooling,Available Options,Certifications,Dimensions With Feet (WxHxD),RMF Dimensions No Feet (WxHxD),Rack Space Requirement,Design,Function,Feature,Volume Control,Total Attenuation,Attenuation Steps,Protection Circuitry,Speaker Impedance,Ground Paths,Input Connections,Output Connections,Compatibility,Series Resistors,Power Requirements,Coaxial Power Jack,Lead Termination,Wire Length,Shell Housing,LED,Nominal Reception Angle,IR Carrier Frequency Bandwidth,Reception Range,IR Connections,Mode,Long Cable Requirements,Maximum Current Output,Power,Speaker Impedance' CSV; $import = str_getcsv($raw); foreach( $import AS $column ) { $columns[] = '$table->mediumText(\''.$column.'\');"; } print_r(implode(',', $columns));
Output for 5.3.0 - 5.6.21, 7.0.0 - 7.1.0RC3
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Output for hhvm-3.10.0 - 3.12.0
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