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<?php /** * Strip the HTML of Word documents * * @author rene.veldink * @author christoph.roensch */ class Hgs_Filter_StripWordHtml #implements Zend_Filter_Interface { /** * @var string */ const ALLOW_DEFAULT = '<b><i><sup><sub><em><strong><u><br><ol><li><ul><span><div><h1><h2><h3><p>'; /** * @var string */ protected $_allow = self::ALLOW_DEFAULT; /** * Constructor * * @param array|string $options * @return void */ public function __construct($options = array()) { if (is_string($options)) { $this->_allow = $options; } if (isset($options['allow'])) { $this->_allow = $options['allow']; } } /** * @param string $value * @return string */ public function filter($value) { return $this->strip_word_html($value, $this->_allow); } /** * - moved $allow default value to class property * - fixed regex for 'simplify style tags', <br> were replaced with <b> * - fixed bad escape sequence near $num_matches * @link http://php.net/manual/de/function.strip-tags.php#99643 */ private function strip_word_html($text, $allowed_tags = self::ALLOW_DEFAULT) { echo "Debug: $allowed_tags\n"; mb_regex_encoding('UTF-8'); //replace MS special characters first $search = array('/&lsquo;/u', '/&rsquo;/u', '/&ldquo;/u', '/&rdquo;/u', '/&mdash;/u'); $replace = array('\'', '\'', '"', '"', '-'); $text = preg_replace($search, $replace, $text); //make sure _all_ html entities are converted to the plain ascii equivalents - it appears //in some MS headers, some html entities are encoded and some aren't $text = html_entity_decode($text, ENT_QUOTES, 'UTF-8'); //try to strip out any C style comments first, since these, embedded in html comments, seem to //prevent strip_tags from removing html comments (MS Word introduced combination) if(mb_stripos($text, '/*') !== FALSE){ $text = mb_eregi_replace('#/\*.*?\*/#s', '', $text, 'm'); } //introduce a space into any arithmetic expressions that could be caught by strip_tags so that they won't be //'<1' becomes '< 1'(note: somewhat application specific) $text = preg_replace(array('/<([0-9]+)/'), array('< $1'), $text); $text = strip_tags($text, $allowed_tags); //eliminate extraneous whitespace from start and end of line, or anywhere there are two or more spaces, convert it to one $text = preg_replace(array('/^\s\s+/', '/\s\s+$/', '/\s\s+/u'), array('', '', ' '), $text); //strip out inline css and simplify style tags $search = array('#<(strong|b)\s+[^>]*>(.*?)</(strong|b)>#isu', '#<(em|i)[^>]*>(.*?)</(em|i)>#isu', '#<u[^>]*>(.*?)</u>#isu'); $replace = array('<b>$2</b>', '<i>$2</i>', '<u>$1</u>'); $text = preg_replace($search, $replace, $text); //on some of the ?newer MS Word exports, where you get conditionals of the form 'if gte mso 9', etc., it appears //that whatever is in one of the html comments prevents strip_tags from eradicating the html comment that contains //some MS Style Definitions - this last bit gets rid of any leftover comments $num_matches = preg_match_all('/\<!--/u', $text, $matches); if ($num_matches) { $text = preg_replace('/\<!--(.)*--\>/isu', '', $text); } return $text; } } $a = "<p>Hey<br /><b>Ho</b>,<i>Lets Go!</i></p><ol><li>1</li></ol><ul><li>2</li></ul>"; $filter = new Hgs_Filter_StripWordHtml(Hgs_Filter_StripWordHtml::ALLOW_DEFAULT); $b = $filter->filter($a); var_dump($a == $b); echo "\n$b";

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Output for Typed properties v2
Debug: <b><i><sup><sub><em><strong><u><br><ol><li><ul><span><div><h1><h2><h3><p> bool(true) <p>Hey<br /><b>Ho</b>,<i>Lets Go!</i></p><ol><li>1</li></ol><ul><li>2</li></ul>
Output for Array change keys
Debug: <b><i><sup><sub><em><strong><u><br><ol><li><ul><span><div><h1><h2><h3><p> bool(true) <p>Hey<br /><b>Ho</b>,<i>Lets Go!</i></p><ol><li>1</li></ol><ul><li>2</li></ul>
Output for Lexical anon
Debug: <b><i><sup><sub><em><strong><u><br><ol><li><ul><span><div><h1><h2><h3><p> bool(true) <p>Hey<br /><b>Ho</b>,<i>Lets Go!</i></p><ol><li>1</li></ol><ul><li>2</li></ul>

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