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<?php $string = 'a:7:{s:21:"shopgate_payment_name";s:46:"Bank account (direct debit) (processed by you)";s:19:"bank_account_holder";s:14:"Martin Helfert";s:19:"bank_account_number";s:8:"51935500";s:9:"bank_code";s:8:"57391800";s:9:"bank_name";s:18:"Westerwald Bank eG";s:4:"iban";N;s:3:"bic";N;}'; echo unserialize($string)['shopgate_payment_name];

Here you find the average performance (time & memory) of each version. A grayed out version indicates it didn't complete successfully (based on exit-code).
Note: hhvm uses a JIT which only kicks in after a few runs. Since we run scripts only once, hhvm always runs slower.

VersionSystem time (s)User time (s)Memory (MiB)