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<?php $temp = '<p>These glorious sling backs were just made for afternoon cocktails.  In rich magenta purple suede with pistachio piping and heel they are not for sitting quietly in. The stars on the toe are made of jacquard silken fabric with a leaf pattern that slightly shimmers. The linings are linen coloured leather and the elastic on the heel strap means they’ll fit snugly.---<br />Just pointy and kitten-heeled enough to be grown-up, just strong enough colours to have fun in.--- <br />Material:Suede and embossed leather+++<br />Sole:Man-made so they flex+++<br />Heel:6cm mid heel+++ <br />Fit:Regular+++<br />Sizes:35-42 including half sizes+++</p>'; echo iconv('utf-8','iso-8859-1', $temp);
Finding entry points
Branch analysis from position: 0
Jump found. Position 1 = -2
filename:       /in/CAfO4
function name:  (null)
number of ops:  8
compiled vars:  !0 = $temp
line     #* E I O op                           fetch          ext  return  operands
   2     0  E >   ASSIGN                                                   !0, '%3Cp%3EThese+glorious+sling+backs+were+just+made+for+afternoon+cocktails.%C3%82%C2%A0+In+rich+magenta+purple+suede+with+pistachio+piping+and+heel+they+are+not+for+sitting+quietly+in.+The+stars+on+the+toe+are+made+of+jacquard+silken+fabric+with+a+leaf+pattern+that+slightly+shimmers.+The+linings+are+linen+coloured+leather+and+the+elastic+on+the+heel+strap+means+they%C3%A2%E2%82%AC%E2%84%A2ll+fit+snugly.---%3Cbr+%2F%3EJust+pointy+and+kitten-heeled+enough+to+be+grown-up%2C+just+strong+enough+colours+to+have+fun+in.---%C3%82%C2%A0%3Cbr+%2F%3EMaterial%3ASuede+and+embossed+leather%2B%2B%2B%3Cbr+%2F%3ESole%3AMan-made+so+they+flex%2B%2B%2B%3Cbr+%2F%3EHeel%3A6cm+mid+heel%2B%2B%2B%C3%82%C2%A0%3Cbr+%2F%3EFit%3ARegular%2B%2B%2B%3Cbr+%2F%3ESizes%3A35-42+including+half+sizes%2B%2B%2B%3C%2Fp%3E'
   3     1        INIT_FCALL                                               'iconv'
         2        SEND_VAL                                                 'utf-8'
         3        SEND_VAL                                                 'iso-8859-1'
         4        SEND_VAR                                                 !0
         5        DO_ICALL                                         $2      
         6        ECHO                                                     $2
         7      > RETURN                                                   1

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