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<?php class Productss{ protected $title; protected $category; const CHANGES_SAVED = 'Wijzigingen opgeslagen'; public function __construct($title, $category){ $this->title = $title; $this->category = $category; } public function someFunction(){ self::CHANGES_SAVED; // CHANGES_SAVED not changeable in this class, it is changeable in a child class } public function getCategory(){ return $this->category; } public function getTitle(){ return $this->title; } } class Order extends Productss{ protected $price; protected $deliver; //const CHANGES_SAVED = 'Wijzigingen nu opgeslagen'; public function __construct($title, $category, $price){ parent::__construct($title, $category); $this->title = $title; $this->category = $category; $this->price = $price; $this->doWeDeliver(); } public function getPrice(){ return $this->price; } public function getDeliver(){ return $this->deliver; } protected function doWeDeliver(){ $this->deliver = $this->price > 30 ? 'Yes' : 'No' ; } } $order = new Order('CD Brahms', 'Media', '45'); echo 'Product :'.$order->getTitle(); //echo 'Categorie :'.$order->getCategory(); //echo 'Prijs :'.$order->getPrice(); //echo 'Gratis bezorging :'.$order->getDeliver(); //echo Productss::CHANGES_SAVED.'<br />'; // 300 //echo Order::CHANGES_SAVED.'<br />'; // 500

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